Work from home culture

Work from Home Culture is new trends in IT Industry

The lockdown caused by the Corona virus is now changing the way we work in the country and

abroad. This change is becoming more and more permanent, especially in companies involved in information technology. Today, IT companies are working from home globally and most of the companies in India have also adopted the work from home culture. Global companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter have to allow their staff to work from home even after lockdown. A major company like Tata Consultancy (TCS) in India has announced that it will now hire 75% of its staff from home for the next one year. About 5000 Gujarat based IT companies are thinking on this line.

Work from home culture is now becoming the ‘new normal’. Maulik Bhansali, Chairman, Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GASIA IT Association), said that state companies are seriously considering the permanent adoption of work from home culture. We have also told our members not to call all staff to the office immediately after the lockdown opens and to ask as many people as possible to work from home. This will also benefit the companies and maintain the safety of the employees.

Work from home has both advantages and challenges

Jaimin Shah, a board member of the Nasscom Foundation and managing director of Dev IT, said there are benefits to working from home and there are many challenges. The biggest challenge is to create a permanent place to work from home if you want to work from home. Creating a separate space in this way and setting up the infrastructure it looks like may not be possible for everyone. However, we are providing technical assistance to our staff. We are arranging for a maximum of 15% staff to come to the office for the next 2 months.

The new work culture will reduce the cost to companies

Maulik Bhansali said that there is a need to be cost conscious in the present times and most of the companies are making efforts for this. This new work culture will help in this. Work from home will reduce the cost of real estate for companies and the costs to employees. We have been asked by an advisory association to take forward the work from home concept and provide adequate management of data security as well as operations. Companies are responding positively to this and companies are taking initiatives in their own way.

This culture will prove to be very good for the female staff

Tejinder Oberoi, Executive Director, Signet Infotech, said, “The proportion of women in IT and related industries is very high. As we have seen, it often becomes a bit difficult for them to maintain a social and professional life. This question comes especially after marriage. The IT industry in Gujarat has approximately 30-35% female staff. With a work-from-home culture, it will be much easier for them to manage work and home.

There will be no question of re-location for employees

Alpa Shukla, Executive Director, Civic Resources Pvt. We have had to do this because of the lockdown but now people are thinking about taking it seriously. This solves many questions. The job has to be re-located in another city or state which does not have to be in the work from home concept. It will also improve the social life of the employee. We have now allowed our company staff to work from home for some time, even after the lockdown.

There is a time of learning for both companies and staff

Rajubhai Shah of Rishabh Software said, “Since this culture is brand new, it is time for both IT companies and staff to learn this. We had to make this mandatory as a lockdown, but companies are now seeing the benefits. The staff, on the other hand, also seems to be mentally preparing to gradually adopt this culture. It will take some time but there will be a lot of changes in the industry.

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