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Elevate the grocery delivery industry amidst Covid-19 with an Instacart Clone app

The lives of people have experienced a drastic shift post-Covid-19 pandemic. They started to adapt to the new normalcy of purchasing their essential needs online. However, online grocery ordering is no more a luxury. A grocery delivery app like Instacart provides hassle-free grocery delivery at a reasonable price and a seamless shopping experience. 

Even though many businesses have witnessed a decline during this crisis, the online grocery business has skyrocketed. This is because of the convenience and ease of ordering groceries with almost a few taps via the app. Undoubtedly, this growth trend of the online grocery delivery business is expected to witness steady growth in the foreseeable future. It would be a noteworthy opportunity for you to kickstart a grocery business with the Instacart Clone app. 

Why should you invest in grocery delivery app development? 

Groceries are an essential commodity in everyone’s day-to-day lives. In the busy world, people find it difficult to visit grocery stores and wait for a very long time to pay bills. So, the new age customers prefer grocery delivery apps in which the ordered groceries will be handed over to their doorstep, on the same day of ordering. They can even schedule it at their convenient time. This convenience and comfort inspire the customers to shop groceries online. 

Notably, the downloads of grocery apps amidst the pandemic have increased to a greater extent compared to the last few years. 

However, the existing big players like Instacart have introduced “contactless delivery,” in which the delivery person will leave the grocery order at the front of their door without handing it over to the customers.

By the end of 2021, the net worth of the online grocery delivery industry will be US $306,808 million. In addition to this, it will be expected to reach US $449,292 million by 2025. The impressive stats of this industry indicate that starting a grocery delivery business is a great idea in 2021. 

If you own a grocery store already, then it is the right time to move your grocery business to greater heights with an on-demand grocery delivery app. Or, if you are the one seeking a profitable business niche, invest in grocery delivery app development. 

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Instacart Clone paves the way to establish a successful grocery business 

Instacart is an eye-witnessing example, which is ruling the online grocery delivery industry. Its revenue generation in 2020 was $1.5 billion. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic’s first month, it was valued at $10 million. Replicating its successful concept may open the door to run a profitable business. 

Instacart Clone Script, an ideal grocery delivery app solution, is encompassed with significant features. This solution replicates Instacart in terms of features and functionality. Rather than creating a grocery app from scratch, choosing a ready-to-go app solution is both time-conserving and budget-friendly. 

Awe-inspiring functionality of the Instacart Clone app 

The business model of Instacart Clone bridges the gap between customers and grocery stores. Through this app, customers can place their grocery orders and check the delivery status until the order is delivered. Now, catch a glimpse at the Instacart Clone app’s functionality on a brief note. 

● First, customers can install the app on their smartphones and finish the sign-up process. For this, they have to provide either their email address or phone number. Besides this, they can opt for social media login.

● Once done with profile creation, they have the option to customize it when needed. It would be necessary for them to give location access. ● After that, they can find the nearby grocery stores on the homepage. As per their requirements, they can search grocery stores by applying filters. 

● Then, customers will be able to select the grocery items, which will be stored in the shopping cart. The added items can be reviewed before the check-out process. 

● Once finished, they have to choose their preferred payment options. Available payment modes include cash payment and digital payment (credit card, debit card, UPI, and e-wallet). 

● As soon as the grocery stores receive the order request, they will confirm the same and process it. 

● All set! The order is ready for the delivery person to pick up and hand over to the customers on time using the route optimization feature. For instance, Instacart’s business concept of hassle-free grocery items delivery 

is a successful niche. It doesn’t own a grocery store as it establishes the connection between the shoppers and customers. 

Monetization models of the Instacart Clone app 

Before establishing a grocery business, you have to be sure of your revenue generation module. Let’s understand the various monetization models of the Instacart Clone app. 

Delivery fee 

Charge a delivery fee from the customers for delivering grocery items to their doorsteps. You can set a basic delivery fee on the basis of hourly delivery. For instance, Instacart charges $3.99 (when the order value is $35) to deliver the order within 2 hours. 

Membership fee

Allow your customers to avail a membership plan on a monthly/yearly basis. Those who have subscribed to it can have the benefits like discounts for particular grocery items, zero delivery charges, and many more. 

Commission fee 

Collect a commission fee from the partnered grocery stores. Getting on board in your platform enables the grocery stores to have a wider reach and increased orders. 

Service fee 

It is the common monetization model to include in the on-demand delivery apps. You can set and charge a certain percentage of the total order amount from the customers on each order. 

Markup prices 

Some grocery stores will surge the price of some items, to be sold via the app. So, a particular grocery store will make more revenue from it. In turn, you can charge them a specific amount. 

Cancellation fee 

In this model, customers will be charged a cancellation fee when they cancel an order. You can also charge the grocery stores when they reject an order request from the customers. 

Promotional advertisement fee 

Allow third parties to run advertisements on your platform and charge an advertising fee based on the clickbait rate. This will be an effective revenue model when your app has broader users.

Final thoughts 

To conclude, the online grocery business will never go out of trend. Adapt to the changing trends by launching an app like Instacart to uplift your business. Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 crisis surged the demand for on-demand grocery delivery apps. Therefore, initiating a grocery delivery business will be a sure hit. Leverage this situation and invest in Instacart Clone app development.

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