What are Types of Photos Scanning and its Benefits?

What are Types of Photos Scanning and its Benefits?

Photo scanning is nothing but a process through which we digitize physical photographs into digital format for sharing or storage purposes. It has become important for people who have a huge collection of photographs that are susceptible to damage or fading as time passes. All photo scanning nyc is a service that offers the same process of digitizing in New York City. This photo scanning service can be completed in multiple ways and every process has its benefits and drawbacks.

Types of Photo Scanning

Here are popular types of photo scanning services in New York through which people convert their huge collection of images into digital format. The photo scanning service nyc also offers these types to their user.

Flatbed Scanning

One of the most common ways to scan any photo is through flatbed scanning. In this method, you just need to put a photo face-down on the flatbed scanner and then scan it properly. Now you can see the scanned photo in your system and it is mostly suitable for some standard-size photos and it will produce high-quality scans.

Sheetfed Scanning

Another way of scanning photos is through sheetfed scanning and it is almost similar to a flatbed scanner. It is mostly designed to scan large numbers of photos and it will save a lot of time. You can add multiple photos through the machine and it will get scanned at a time. The quality of the sheetfed scanner may be compromised as compared to flatbed but it is faster as compared with flatbed.

Handheld Scanning

Another way to scan photos, where a handheld scanner is used to scan the photos and it is known as handheld scanning. It is useful when your photos are of irregular shapes and sizes and you want to scan them. The quality of photos may not be as good as a flatbed scanner.

Photo Scanning Apps

As we are moving towards the digital world, there are many photo-scanning applications available on the internet. People can download it to their smartphone and use it to scan photos with the help of their phone’s camera. You may not get a high-quality scanned image as other methods but it provides convenience to us.

Benefits of Photo Scanning

Following are some benefits of photo scanning due to which people run behind digital photos:

Storing Memories

People want to capture some beautiful memories in photographs and storing so many photos physically is a difficult job. Hence, they use photo scanning to store all the memories in digital format. After scanning people can share these images with their relatives or anyone who wants to see it.

Saving Space

As we are in a digital world, every work can be done digitally because it saves a lot of time and storage. Similarly, people don’t need to store images in albums as we can take the benefits of cloud-based storage, or store it in a computer which will free up some space in your home.


In physical storage, if your photos get destroyed then you can’t restore them but if you are storing them in digital or cloud then you can easily restore the images with the same quality.