Bath salt

What are bath salts?What are the uses of bath salts?

Also known as red sky, vanilla sky, blue silk, ivory waves, or purple waves, bath salts are an illegal drug used mainly by teenager and young adult. Despite its seemingly innocuous name, this drug can be very dangerous. But the commercial name of this drug comes from its similarity to Epsom salts used in baths. However, despite their similar appearance, the chemical composition of these drugs is different. Bath salt is the trade name of this dangerous synthetic drug base on cathinone, howver, which is the most commonly use synthetic drug.

Cathinone is a stimulant found in the khat plant, which is widely available in parts of Africa. Other names of bath salts, including trade names, but include White Lightning, Cloud Nine, Red Dove, and Cotton Cloud. However,the product is sold online, in hat stores, grocery stores and gas stations in categories include jewelry cleaners, cell phone screen cleaners and plant fertilizer.

What are the effects of bath salts on my body?

Bath salts come in powder form and are usually light in color: but white, beige or slightly yellow. Two types of it derived from khat, mephedrone and methylene, but have effects very similar to those of amphetamines. These designer drugs, sought after for their stimulant effects, can also produce hallucinogenic and euphoric effects.

Side effects of bath salts

Because the chemical composition of it can vary, they can also have different effects on the body. The effects of it usually begin about 15 minutes after application and can last up to 6 hours. But here are a few of the most typical bath salts side effects.

•            Excitement

•            Excitement

•            Anger

•            Anger Anger

•            Irritability Anxiety

•            sweating

•            Commotion

•            Fainting

•            nausea

•            Blurred vision

•            Hallucinations

•            Elevated blood pressure

•            Accelerated pulses

•            Development of adaptive behavior

•            Increased sexual desire

•            Chest pain

•            Increased heart rate

It should be noted that after use bath salt, suicidal thoughts may persist for a few days.It use also report cravings very similar to those of methamphetamine user.

Signs and symptoms of bath salt addiction

But it addiction can develop quickly or over time. Either way, once bath salt addiction develops, it is almost impossible to overcome it without professional help. However, here are some of the symptoms of bath salt addiction.

Physical symptoms of a person who uses bath salts

•            Physical symptoms of someone who uses it Physical symptoms of someone who uses bath salts

•            Obvious or sudden weight changes

•            Frequent nasal bleeding and runny nose

•            Excessive or frequent swelling or redness

•            Narcolepsy

•            Confused or disorganized speech

•            Frequent sweating

Behavioral symptoms

•       Loss of interest in things like sports, job, or school.

•       Modifications in interactions with friends and family

•            Mood swings

•            Inability to concentrate

•            Hiding, locking the bedroom door, or acting withdrawn.

•            Disappearing for long periods of time

•            Anger                                         

Bath salt withdrawal symptoms and warning indicators

According to NIDA, MDVP is the chemical but most commonly found in people who present to emergency rooms with problems related it use. However, MDMA is highly addictive, with severe withdrawal symptoms, and is difficult to treat independently. Because the chemical composition of it can vary widely, withdrawal symptoms can also vary. But some of the most common withdrawal symptom of Its are listed below.

Physical symptoms

•            Nightmares

•            Muscle aches and pains

•            Chills

•            Strong desire for food

Behavioral symptoms

•            Fatigue

•            Inability to concentrate

•            Suicidal thoughts

•            Delayed thinking

•            Thoughts of depression

The best time to stop use it depend on a variety of variable, but include when the last dose was taken and how much was consume. But the average time required to discontinue taking it is one to 10 days.

Treatment of bath salts addiction

Treatment of bath salt addiction is very similar to that of other substance use disorders. However, programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational therapy, and behavioral therapy have proven useful in treating many substance abuse problems, including bath salts.


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