Small Business Advertising Strategy

Top 4 Small Business Advertising Strategy Recommendations

Small Business means when you run a low budget and local business which has less reach to people and fewer customers. But applying some marketing and advertising strategies can help your small business grow up to 97% when it’s introduced online channels. 

We can see some unique advertising agencies in Ahmedabad are converting their small to large, all businesses digital. Promoting their, working with more customers, digital paying are flourishing small businesses in Ahmedabad. Dad of And, Web Cures Digital, RareDevs Innovations, Granth Creations Private Limited – are some unique advertising agencies in Ahmedabad. 

Why Do Small Businesses Need Advertising Strategies ?

Half of the small businesses around us have no proper, dedicated and well-planned strategies for their business. Resulting in it remaining unreachable for most people. Introducing the under mentioned strategies can lift your local business reach to local customers and earn you more, though by investing at the starting which pays off rapidly. 


Here are 4 main Small Business Advertising Strategy recommendations below – 

Create Identity of your company

To create a unique identity for your company, two main things must be followed:-   1.) Create brand identity and 2.) Create a website for your company.

For a small business, reaching potential customers as much as possible is very important to establish how your company is, how your products are. Making a logo, giving attractive name and colours, and showing these on everything- websites, cards, advertisements etc are great strategies to advertise your small business. You may have to collaborate with freelancers or advertisement agencies to do so which can cost more. But applying this helps to spread your small business. 

Having your business website is a must for today’s businesses. Creating your small business’s website influences customers to visit your products which eventually largen your business. When customers search your company and visit your website they get more information and are inclined more to the products. It’s very easy by following steps- select a suitable name, have a paid domain, hire a web host, buy Content Management Software (CMS) to update your website and get a free or paid template suitable for your company. 

Listing in GBM

Get your company listed on Google by Google My Business (GMB). Your website will be visited when local customers search for a product on Google. If you are listed in the top 3, you’ll be visited by more customers. Adding location and customer reviews is incredibly good for your company’s recognition. If you have a brand, it expands the business more when people search for it. Being recognised by GBM, your company gains more visibility and becomes trustworthy. Create and improve your profile and ask for people’s reviews, this is the way to get top listed in Google. This is the key way to advertise your local small business.

By implementing SEO 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Besides creating a website, you must introduce SEO to your company which increases the business by 35%. Input keywords to the description of your company website. So that when people or potential customers search for it, your company comes at the top. Make sure you have to push your small business to the first page of search results. The more your business is searched, the more it leads towards the top. Getting a high rank on searches, makes your company enlisted at the top and displays your products as well as your business more. 

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Advertising on different platforms

People spend hours on social media platforms. Recognize and target the audience who are engaging on these various platforms and approach your ad there. For instance Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, G-mail. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook is being used worldwide by all generations. So to reach all those people through your advertisement, Facebook is the best way. Also, it is a less expensive advertising platform than any other. Over two million small to medium businesses advertise on Facebook. 

Facebook access and show ads concerning age, gender, choices, location and many more. Selecting a convincing tagline, description and add an image to it, also you can provide links as well and your advertisement is ready for Facebook. If you are confused regarding this or you are a beginner, Facebook Advertising Manager and also third-party tools help you to proliferate your business. More info here if you want Graphic Designer Facebook Cover.

  1. Instagram

In Instagram, it’s also kind of similar to placing an ad on it like Facebook. But Instagram provides better visual components and high resolutions. 

  1. Via generating mails

When someone searches for a product, your site must give the option to enlist their email ids. By getting enlisted customers’ mails, you can easily generate your advertising emails to attract them. Do not send random advertising mails, those must be according to their choices and interests. 

  1. Introduce Google AdWords

Via using Google AdWords people will find you more, as your business will appear on Google searches. It is the most effective and keyway for advertising. Also, it is the most expensive advertising and marketing channel. But the best part is, lots of people will see your company name by AdWords on Google. 

  1. YouTube

At the starting of a video or during watching a video people often counter ads. If you have a small business and want to spread it, YouTube is no doubt a great option for advertising your business. 

  1. Other Platforms

For instance, on Twitter and Pinterest, you can post blogs, pictures, statuses for advertising. 


These are the top key strategies for improving your small business. Though not every idea is fit for all businesses. But applying these can surely make you face success and grow economically. 

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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  1. Hey Bhagirath,
    Your post is very helpful and informative.
    Your statement is right Small Business means when you run a low budget and local business which has less reach to people and fewer customers.
    Create brand identity and Create a website for your company.
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