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New In The Cleaning Business? Here Is What You Need To Excel

If you have started a cleaning business recently, hired your team, and have already started delivering services to your clients then congratulations, you have set up a lot of things successfully. Now, your next area of focus is how to trigger the growth and expansion of your business, which also means how to win new customers. Although it is not very challenging, but also not a cakewalk because the bottom line truth is that for your potential customers, you are just one of the many cleaning service providers to choose from. 

But if you can stand out in terms of your service quality, customer experience, and pricing, then you can very much expect customer loyalty and will continue to generate revenue from repeat clients. Needless to say, that customer loyalty builds the brand name through word of mouth, (which has become even more stronger through social media platforms), and this plays a major role in attracting new customers. 

The Top Five Areas You Need To Focus On To Strengthen The Base Of Your Cleaning Business:

Being new to the cleaning business, you might get a little confused regarding what you should be doing first, which means what should be your topmost priority. Taking the cue, here explaining the top five areas that you need to excel at priority: 

  1. Personalized services and a fair price: customer experience is the key to win customers, and personalization in services can significantly impact customer experience.  Instead of setting a kind of fixed rate for all sizes of houses or for all customers, you can adopt the practice of offering free estimates. Wherein, you first see the house of a potential customer, talk with them, understand their requirements, and accordingly offer them customization. This way you will be able to quote them fair prices. 

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  1. Get right with time management: To be successful in your cleaning business, you must avoid getting into the habit of keeping your clients waiting. Poor time management, where the promised service schedules don’t match the reality, is very common in field services.  Customers did not just find this offensive, but it also hampers your operational efficiency to work on new revenue opportunities. Thus, you must make arrangements that help you fill up your schedules in a way that is beneficial to both you and your clients. In this regard, you can use cleaning scheduling software

How Does Cleaning Scheduling Software Help?

The software is like a CRM for a cleaning company. It functions as one centralized system for all your enterprise data such as client details, service schedules, serviceman details, service warranty, and contracts, etc. The software comes with automated modules. So, it mines all the data stored in it and accordingly can make automatic schedules for the service. Some of its automatic job scheduling capacities are:

  • It can identify the nearest available servicemen and automatically assign a job to them so that the servicemen can reach the job site at the earliest 
  • It ensures that there are no scheduling conflicts, which means no duplicate schedules. missed schedules or overlapped schedules   
  • From a single dashboard, the service manager can assign the jobs, make changes in the schedules, and as soon as schedules are made, the software can send automatic notifications or reminders to the service agents. 
  1. Use quality products: Something that you can’t miss is that you must use quality products. Never ever make the mistake of taking your customers to be a fool. He is paying money, so he will be as smart as needed, and eventually will catch you if you are compromising on quality. Besides, you must also pay importance to factors like the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly products that ensure there are no fumes or smell around the house, and also the health and safety of your workers as well as clients. Also, to stay on top of your game, keep learning about the new products related to your service through suppliers, industry publications or from trade organizations, etc.
  1. Employee efficiency building:The efficiency of your service depends on the efficiency of your field workforce, who renders the services at the ground level. Your workforce needs access to the right kind of tool and technology to work in an efficient way. For instance, they should have real-time access to information, should have mobility solutions in regards to route planning, real-time reporting, self-service, etc. All these can be made available to them using cloud-based cleaning business software. the software comes with an app version that can be installed on personal devices, and the field workers can use the app to access the enterprise data over one common dashboard. This way they can keep a tab of information like client details and service history, inventory records, service requests, and schedule updates, etc. 
  1. Focus on marketing: Last but not the least, you must strengthen your marketing. Make use of social media in the best possible ways. At the local level, run loyalty programs and offer to please your clients. 


Tools and technology, marketing, customer experience, operational efficiency, and fair practices, precisely are the five key areas where you need to work upon in order to grow your new-set-up cleaning business. 

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