Best 10 Ecommerce Platforms and Software for Your Online Store

Top 10 E-commerce Platforms and Software for your Online Store

E-commerce platforms mean electronic commerce. Which serves to purchase and hire products online and transaction of money and data via the internet. There are few types of eCommerce. Business to Consumer ( B2C ), Business to Business ( B2B ), Direct to Consumer ( D2C ), Consumer to Consumer ( C2C ), Consumer to Business ( C2B ). 


Shopify is one of the leading international eCommerce platforms for businesses to raise an online store. You have not been technically expert to work in Shopify as it is highly user-friendly. Users can enjoy various themes and modify those according to their needs without knowing coding or web designing skills. Users need not pay for web hosting because their own server is provided. Shopify serves you for selling your product, designing your store, marketing, shipping, promoting on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and many more. It provides access to CSS and HTML. Users can start selling from a range of 29-299 dollar and 14 days free trial and also there are gold and plus schemes for larger businesses. 


BigCommerce is also built with CSS, HTML and JavaScript and builds SEO friendly URLS. It connects users to different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping. Users can design sections of coupons, merchandise, digital wallets, discounts. It provides SaaS which gets it easier to edit your store’s site. Paying a subscription of 29.95 dollars per month and experiencing free trails one can use this e-commerce tool. 


Magento offers unique features with personalized content and page builder will help you to develop a product, purchase instantly, facilities of merchandise and many other features. It requires development skills for medium and large size online stores. It offers you a multi-vendor e-commerce platform. This platform demands employees with high efficiency and a longer time to develop and a big budget compared to some others. The price of Magento Commerce is 15000 to 50000 dollar yearly but Magento Open Source is free to download. Cosmetics, Food, Furnishing, Electronics, Fashion – these are the verticals they have. Also, there are 5000+ library see here for experience ecommerce developers


WooCommerce is one of the top e-commerce platforms which is used globally by 30% of digital stores. Thousand of themes, plugins that give users opportunities for different needs. Customers can download it for free. It doesn’t offer phone calls or email chats rather live chats only within a day. WooCommerce creates a learning curve for first-time users who haven’t been on any similar platform before. Customers have to develop their store on their own under online guidance. 

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Wix is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that allows drag and drop type of tools for the users to generate their online store. Thousands of templates and designs attract beginners to create a convincing website for their products. Wix is the best mainly for small businesses that are unable to hire a professional web designer but plugins help in improving the functionality. Besides food, cosmetics, fashion, games, it has a special vertical that is Arts and Designs. eCommerce, VIP Business Basic, Business Unlimited, Business VIP, Enterprise are the plans of Wix which cost 17, 25, 23, 27, 35, 500 dollars monthly and the facilities and advantages increase with the price. Though Wix doesn’t charge fees for the transaction. 


Salesforce, which was previously known as Demandware is perfect for multinational firms and enterprise platform deals in millions. It has varieties of customising appliances to cover practically for B2B or B2C.  Cars, Parts, chemicals are mainly dealt with verticals. Though there is no free trial available and this international platform has two plans B2B and B2C. Best experienced consultants, developers and programmers manage the steep learning curve for your business. Specific pricing, marketing, analysing, templating, advertising, designing etc are features, given to you according to your business edition. 


Volusion is the strongest platform in the era of other top competitors. It’s best for startups and small businesses and has more than 30,000 stores. A lot of important and several features have been incorporated on their standard dashboard. Volusion provides you facilities of a free trial with no cost of transaction with no credit card complications. Reviews, feedback, answering of queries are provided to support you. Some other traits are – SEO tools, security of payments, automation of tax calculation, discounts, coupons, SKU import-export and many more. 

Big Cartel 

Big Cartel is widely known as the platform of art and artists. It started in 2005 and the SaaS builder created this platform for selling creative works, Jewellery, photo, painting, clothes, models, handwork, photographs etc. Site builders keep the design simple for artists and entrepreneurs to flourish. The cost is very low like – 9.99, 19.99, 29.99 dollars for Platinum, Diamond, Titanium respectively but Gold is free. And it’s provided with these features – checking out online, discount codes, tax limitation, SEO tools etc. 


Squarespace is good for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Drag and drop tools and premade templates are used by the user to create their online store. Arts, apparels, cosmetics, beverages etc are the verticals of Squarespace. Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, Advanced Commerce are the price tiers which cost 16, 26, 30, 46 dollars respectively. 3% cost is charged on purchase and free trials are also available with no credit card needed. The features are cross and upselling, digital and personalized products with import-export, shipping tracking, gifts, discounts and many more. 


Shift4Shop offers a site that is SEO customized and mobile-friendly which helps you to grow your business and your store’s website. Templates according to your specific business and designed by professionals are served to you as your choice. It has no maximisation in storage, products, bands for a house payment and it’s free for all features you will be using. This ensures you with AI-generated fraud protection security and management, SEO, marketing and user support. For free plans, the transaction charge is 30% but for the paid plan it’s 2.9% which starts from 29 dollars monthly with Google Pay, Facebook, PayPal etc. 


To digitise your store and product globally eCommerce platforms are the best option that you can have. You can strengthen your brand, earn more money, directly deal with customers internationally are the advantages of this. An experienced eCommerce developer helps and guides beginners, old or new customers to design and develop their web business site. Mobikasa, Emizen Tech, Magneto IT Solutions, Gromotiv, Absolute Web are few examples of experienced eCommerce developers to help in marketing, developing, customizing, designing and many more.

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