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4 Effective Maintenance Tips To Escalate The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

Summer is hard in tropical countries. The hot and humid weather makes it impossible for us to sleep peacefully without an air conditioner. An air conditioner helps regulate the temperature and humidity, during extreme hot climatic conditions, within an enclosed space like a room or a building. It also acts as a ventilator if there are no windows or other modes of ventilation. In winter, an air conditioner can also help in partially heating the room. 

Poor functioning of the air conditioner is the least we want during hot sunny days. The smooth functioning of the air conditioner is a necessity these days to beat scorching heat. Looking for air conditioning repair and maintenance in Orange County? Visit this link to know the top air conditioner repair in Aliso Viejo.

Regular maintenance of Air Conditioner can give you many benefits. If you are unaware of how to maintain your air conditioner unit, scroll down to get insights into it.

Useful Tips For Maintenance Of An Air Conditioner

  • 1. Clean/Replace Air Conditioner Filters From Time To Time – The filters on the outer layers protect the inner parts of an air conditioner. Also, it prevents dust particles from entering the machine. It needs to be cleaned at regular intervals as it may become heavier because of all the dust it absorbs, leading to low airflow and causing more air pollution. So, you need to replace or clean them regularly.
  • 2. Clean The Coils – The coils in an AC system absorbs the heat in the room and replaces it with cool air. Naturally, it absorbs dust along with heat. If there’s too much dust, it becomes difficult for the coil to draw the heat. In such a situation, the air conditioner struggles to maintain the temperature. It is better to get it cleaned by professionals during seasonal maintenance.  
  • 3. Keep The Condensate Drain Clean – The condensate drain turns moist or humid air into water before releasing it. However, the released water is wastewater. If you have an air conditioner at home, you have probably observed that there’s a pipe releasing water and connected to your machine. It is the exit pipe that helps to release wastewater.
  • There’s always a chance of the condensate drain getting clogged with dirt, microbes, and other waste materials. If so, there can be waterlogging, which would damage your AC unit. Hence, regular monitoring and servicing are necessary to enjoy cool air all through the summer.
  • 4. Look After Condenser Unit Fan / Compressor – The condenser unit fan is an integral part of the air conditioner, just like the heart of the human body. It helps to turn the warm refrigerant into cool air. If the condenser fan stops working, then there is no point in using the air conditioner. It is just a fan releasing warm air.

It can happen for several reasons, like, dirty coils, electrical problems, low or excess refrigerant, contamination of some kind, and so on. Condenser fan failure occurs on a rare occasion. But if it fails, it can be costly and sometimes irreparable. In case your air conditioner makes noise or the compressor does not start, seek professional help. Call the best air conditioner repair technician in Orange County.

Any machine, if regulated and maintained well, lasts a lifetime.

Listed below are a few things we need to know about an air conditioner.

  • Air conditioners are measured in tons. Tonnage measures the cooling capacity of an AC. Depending on the size of your room or house, you need to install the air conditioner. Because too big or small AC would create further problems. 
  • There are types of air conditioners – split systems, window AC, and packaged air conditioners. You can choose any based on your preferences.

Split systems have two parts- an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Split systems can also be ductless.

Window ac is a single unit that does have many parts. All the components are in one box-like machine.

A packaged air conditioner has both systems of heating and cooling. It is mostly found in hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, etc.

  • The longevity or lifespan of an air conditioner on average is 10 to 15 years if maintained and repaired well from time to time. Some machines can last even longer than that.
  • Needless to say that the proper placement of an air conditioner is essential. It should be placed at a height so that it does not get blocked anyway. Also, it should be placed in a way so that there is even distribution of cool air. The most feasible height is 7 feet from the floor, any spare area above the window, or on the beam of a wall. 

Keep Yourself Safe and Your Home Disinfected Through These Steps

Maintaining an air conditioner does not require a lot of time or effort. However, it is something you cannot do all by yourself unless you have expertise in it. So, for error-free maintenance, it is better to seek help from a professional. Need a professional air conditioner repair in Orange County? Check here for the top air conditioner repair in Aliso Viejo.

An air conditioner needs servicing just once a year unless any part is broken and requires repairing. The best time for servicing is Spring. We all are in dire need of it in summer. So, it is best to ensure the AC working condition beforehand. There are more benefits you can enjoy with the efficient AC unit part from the continuous cool air.

Benefits of Maintaining Your AC Unit

  • Monitoring and Maintenance air conditioner machine can enhance its performance. 
  • It will provide you with better air quality and fast cooling.
  • This prevents any sudden breakdown or malfunctioning, which will save you from bearing a tidy sum.
  • It also increases the longevity of your machine, saving you from buying a new system in a short time.

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