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Things to Remember for International Shifting – Moving Tips

Are you planning to shift internationally? Then Congratulations are due. All the very best for the making it abroad. One thing you must be clear about and that is it is not as simple as the domestic shifting. While you are conducting local or intercity relocation, you simply hire packer and mover, pack things in the boxes and you are ready to shift. But when we talk about international shifting, things are quite different around here.

International shifting requires ten folds more planning than what you may have to do while shifting locally. There are a lot of procedures involved in sending the items abroad. More than instructions you will find restrictions and nit adhering to them can cause you lots of problems. When you are moving abroad for the first time that is the last thing that you would like to deal with; problems.

There are certain items that you must not carry to another country as they are restricted by the law. Now every country has different rules in place. The packers and movers you hire for the moving things abroad can fill you in but there are certain stuff that you must know for your general knowledge.

The restrictions are often imposed by the country’s law and it is due to the economic and security reasons. These basically depend upon the past events or the future predictions. These restrictions are a way for the country to make sure that the person traveling to the country doesn’t not carry any ill will and is safe to move in for each country their restrictions may differ. But there are certain common restrictions for certain items that you are not supposed to pack and move.

List of Restricted Items not Allowed during International Shifting

Here is a list of restricted items that one is not allowed to pack and move during the international shifting. Check them out.

Biological Imports

In case you are planning to bring certain types of living organisms for education purposes, then you will need the right kind of import permit. In the absence of permit, the countries don’t allow the moving companies to ship those items to bring them inside. If you plan to travel to another country for research purposes, then you must have accurate documents supporting the shift.

Explosives and Firearms

It is no news that foreigners are put under high scrutiny and it is mainly for security reasons only. Different countries have a variety of rules and regulations in place and they don’t take firearms and explosives lightly.

If you are seen carrying firearms and explosives to another country without proper reasons, then it will be taken against the presiding government of the country. Certain firearms with proper licenses can be shipped to another country with the right paperwork. The custom procedures should be cleared so that, you can take them to another country without any legal formalities.


Even though it is hard to believe but there are countries that have problems with people shipping excessive money into the country. There is a certain amount of currency allotted by the companies. If a person brings more money inside the country, then they will be confiscated. Like for instance, in the USA a person cannot bring $10,000 or more. In case, you bring more, you will have to fill the form 4790 in the customs department.

Pirated Copies of Copyright Material

Carrying pirated copies of the copyright source is a grievous crime. Music CDs, books, contents, movies, etc. can be carried in their original form but if you are caught shipping the pirated copies, then one can be fined or sent for jail time in another country. Countries such as the USA have strict customs regulations pertaining to these conditions. So, check them out.

Persian Rug

Surprisingly, there are several countries that do not allow the shifting of Persian rugs in and out of there. You can buy it from that country and while you are moving out, take it with you. You will have to have perfect proof from purchasing the rug from the country itself. Talk to the packers and movers about the things that you need to shift. If you have items such as these for shifting, they will let you know how they need to be packed and moved across the country.

As they are well aware of the rules and regulations of the country, they will know how to deal with these items. In case, certain items cannot be shifted they will inform you about it when they come for the pre-move survey.


This may not come as news to you, but in most developed countries, drugs are a big no. Sending drugs in your packed and moved items or carrying them by themselves could be penalized according to the law of the country. This could also delay your shifting procedures and at times companies also take these records into consideration and disqualify such people thus, sending you back right away. This also includes certain types of medications that are banned in those countries. You must check the complete list of medications to see what you can take and what you can’t.


You have come to know some of the restricted items that one must send abroad through the movers and packers. but apart from that, there are several other items that are not allowed in foreign waters. If you are moving to any specific country, then it is best to run an analysis and thorough research for that place.

Closely watching the news or researching about the place helps in knowing any new laws that may have come up or new proceedings that can make the move well-coordinated. For this to be easier, you need to check out with the packers and movers who deal with moving and packing in other countries. They are well aware of the recent development thus, making you feel confident about the whole move.

For more details, contact the professional moving companies who specialize in this type of shipping. They will keep you updated and will make arrangements for sending your belongings abroad according to the latest rules and guidelines.

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