Things To Do With Mom On Mothers Day

Mothers Day:

Mother, no doubt the lifeline of any child. She does everything for her child from the childbirth to till her death.

You know, when a kid is too young, that time the kid needs a mother for everything.

But as the kid starts growing, he or she starts neglecting the mother for the activity. We all do this, whether you agree with me or not, but this is true.

When we were kids, we needed every little thing to be big. But now, everything we want to do alone or with friends.

I am not saying this wrong, we all try to be independent, but don’t forget the mother. Try to spend some time with your mom, and do some activities with your mom.

If you live in another city, or anywhere else, then do some activities on Mother’s Day.

This year, don’t send flowers to Bangalore, this year do some fun with your mom. I am not saying that you shouldn’t give a flower bouquet to your mom. Definitely give go and order from Bloomsvilla. But do these things also.


I know, you will think about what is this. These are childish things, but let me tell you, this is so beautiful.

When you were young, that time how your mom helped you in your drawing, homework, and other school activities.

And one more thing, for mothers her child is always a kid, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be a kid for your mom.

So do some painting with your mom, make Mother’s Day cards, and other cute pictures.

Outdoor games

When we were young, and that time, when no one was ready to play with us, the only mom played with us.

So why not, this Mother’s Day, let’s create those touchy moments again.

And this time some outdoor games like cricket, football, tennis, badminton, etc. She will love it so much because you will play with her.

And yes, while playing games be in your Mom’s team instead of your Dad or someone else.

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Candlelight dinner

Usually, people go with their sweetheart for a candlelight dinner.

But this time, let your Mom take you for a candlelight dinner. And yes, please give her a beautiful, just like you give to your love of life.

She will feel really special, and do dinner with her, in her way. And yes, food should be her favorite.

Do cooking together on mothers day

Every mom’s biggest dream is that her child cooks with her. And this is the dream, especially for the girl child.

So today, on this Mother’s Day be the assistant of the chef of your home.

Do everything properly, make some dessert like online cake delivery in delhi. Why don’t you bake Mother’s Day cake together? And enjoy the cake with the whole family.

I tell you, not only your Mom but you will also love to cook together and bake a cake together.  

Hang out in the salon

This is one of the best things that a mother and daughter can do together, on Mother’s Day. Go to the salon, and let’s pamper each other, especially to your mom.

Do lots of stuff in the salon-like manicure, pedicure, head massage, etc. She will really enjoy it, and she will be so light and relaxed. Force her to try to do something new with her hair, face, nails, etc.

Movie and long drive

Mom’s don’t go much for the movie. Actually, most children love to go with their girlfriend, boyfriend,  friends,  husband, wife, siblings, cousins, etc.

But this time, go with your mom, and do all the crazy things, and force her to do also. But yes, do only those things in which she feels comfortable.

After the movie, go for a long drive, and eat some ice cream together, some chat, panipuri, and other street food. Let her feel like a free bird, listen to her favorite song while going for a long drive. Do dance together, in a peaceful street, etc.

So here, I tried my best to get out for you and your mother. I am sure, your Mom will love to do these things, and she will enjoy it a lot. Do lots of fun and let her enjoy it.

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