The Truth About Combining Metals in Jewellery: Silver and Gold

The Truth About Combining Metals in Jewellery: Silver and Gold 

Contrary to what some fashion purists may claim, combining metals is not necessarily a fashion no-no. You may mix and match metals as much as you like if you don’t want to choose between silver and gold. Major design houses like Chanel have been combining metals on their clothing, jewellery, and accessories for decades, so the concept is nothing new. What you need to know about combining silver and gold in one look is provided here.

Gold against Silver

Both silver and gold are often used in jewellery, but as pure gold is more uncommon, it is frequently more expensive. Find out the karat number to ascertain how much gold is contained in a metal. A karat is a scale from 1 to 24 that indicates how much pure gold is present in an alloy. Thus, anything made of 24K gold is entirely pure gold.

Silver and gold both have a wide range of colour variations. To get a certain effect with your mixed metals, employ several finishes. Even at times, gold and silver may deceive the sight! White gold, for instance, can occasionally be confused for brushed silver, while rose gold has a pink colour that is very distinct from standard yellow gold. You have a wide range of alternatives, even with one type of metal.

Choose Your Metals Wisely

Finding the appropriate metals for your skin tone is a topic that is frequently discussed in the fashion industry. cold metals like silver look best with cold undertones, whereas warm metals like yellow gold often look best with warm undertones. Examining your forearm or wrist to see how your veins look will help you figure out your undertone. You have a warmer undertone if the veins seem green, and a cooler undertone if they do.

This is only one method of selecting the metals to wear. Many individuals also consider their eye or hair colour when deciding whether warmer or cooler metals are ideal, but in the end, it comes down to personal opinion. Unsure about what will be effective for you? That’s OK! Try out various metals and finishes to see which you prefer, and then combine items from your expanding collection to make unique combinations.

Style Tips for Mixed Metals

You don’t have to stick with one mix or style, just like you don’t have to choose one metal. Mixed metals may be used in a variety of ways to benefit you. Here are some styling suggestions to assist you:

Build Up

Layered necklaces, bracelets, and rings make it simple to combine metals in a way that seems intentional. Instead of having just one item that seems out of place (like one silver ring amid a sea of gold, for instance), putting together a hearty combination will result in a more cohesive design.

If the metal isn’t right, match the vibe.

Aiming for one particular mood while combining materials will help you create a unified design. Consider wearing a dainty, gold, diamond pendant necklace with a glamorous silver chain if you prefer petite, sparkling kundan jewellery sets. Alternately, try two distinct lengths of substantial silver and gold chains if you prefer the bulky chain look.

Establish Balance

The placement of silver and gold adjacent to one another on the body gives the choice the appearance of being purposeful rather than arbitrary.For instance, a mixed metal look can be achieved by wearing a gold hoop in your first ear piercing and a silver stud in your second, as opposed to wearing an all-gold necklace, bracelets, and earrings with silver rings.

Try out mixed metal jewellery.

Many companies have embraced the mixed metal trend and gone one step further to produce blended metal objects. It’s a terrific idea to choose a single item that combines both silver and gold to centre your mixed metal look. A watch made of both silver and gold, for instance, will combine well with other accessories made of either metal.

Silver and Gold Together Is Not For You? That’s also alright!

It’s quite acceptable if you don’t like the mixed metal trend. You have alternatives; if you want to wear many items made of various metals together, think about having them gold- or rhodium-plated. These straightforward procedures apply a layer of metal to an existing foundation to give your jewellery a fresh gloss and a completely different appearance. Get the ring rhodium-plated if you typically wear silver jewellery but have a gold ring and can’t bear the notion of wearing them together. Alternately, you might gold plate your artificial necklace sets to go with your existing collection of gold items.

There are no forbidden fashions, and combining metals is not one of them. Find a method to make the things you love work for you after making your selection. To personalise your metals to fit you, look into Swarajshop gold plating and rhodium plating services.