The Complete Guide To Taxi Dispatch Software

The Complete Guide To Taxi Dispatch Software

Today almost everything has gone online and business is not left untouched from that.  To manage the business effectively IT services in face of app-based software are helping a lot. If you look here at the fleet management business like transportation or taxi services the use of such software being more prominent and clear. For a taxi business (which is our area of focus as well) it’s very important to track the movement of taxis round the clock. Further, the details of the driver, the GPS-based movement tracking, passenger details, etc are things that are required to be taken note of.

Of course, this is not possible if we try to do it manually. Maybe you can manage it for a small fleet of 3-4 vehicles but as the number increases it would be a cumbersome process. Thus, you need the best taxi dispatch software or say the best in class software for the purpose to help you out. Now, here comes the doubt, how to choose which software is best for your needs. Well, not to worry anymore as we are going to discuss the same. Here are some of the parameters that you should watch out for while making a call in regards to the selection of your taxi dispatch software. 

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The pricing or cost of the software is the foremost thing. The reason for it is clear, as a firm you must be having a fixed budget to allocate for the purpose. Thus, pricing acts as a first filter to segregate the software. Understand this by example: suppose you are going to buy a new smartphone. The first thing you search on Google is the best smartphones under Rs 10,000 or so on. Thus, price is an important parameter to look for. 


User-friendliness of software is a thing that makes it popular or flop. If a user is not able to use the software for the desired purpose easily then it’s of no use. Thus, you must look for taxi dispatch software that has a smooth and easy to go interface. To know this you can try the free version of a few popular ones or can access the premium trial for a while. This would help you access their efficacy for your business needs. 

Real-Time Working 

In fleet management ecosystems like Taxis things are moving fast and in real-time. Thus, it is required that software should do this kind of tracking in real-time too. Say for example if one of the taxis in your fleet has faced some technical issues and is not moving then the software should be quickly able to provide an update about that as soon as the driver gives the input. This kind of thing happens commonly in the day-to-day business and the software you choose must be good in handling that. 

Open To Customization 

There are not all features in the software that you like or that are in sync with your business needs. Say for example if a taxi dispatch software has a payment method through a particular wallet and you want some more options to be there then it should be open to accommodate it. If the software is rigid and is not open to customization then it would not be able to adapt to the changing business needs. Therefore a software with ease of customization shall always be preferred. 

Database Management 

Another important feature that a taxi dispatch app must have is database management. That is it should have a proper database containing static details like the information of all the drivers and the variable updates like the daily number of driving hours, ridership, etc. Further, the features like feedback tracking and customer response for a ride and driver are something that they must track. These are some of the key things to enhance service deliverability. 

So, when you are shortlisting software for fleet management of your taxi business assess them on these parameters. Well, there can be many more parameters to define the best but these are the common and most important ones that you must look for. If it ticks all the boxes then it’s a better choice than others available for your business. 

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