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The 5 most expensive places to buy property in Lithuania

The cost of living in Lithuania is moderate but it largely depends on the standard of living to which people has become accustomed. Not so long-ago Lithuania was compared against 780 global destinations and they were 589th on the list of the most expensive places with only 190 places that were cheaper. This is certainly good news for those who look at Lithuania as a possible place of permanent residence. 

A single person can live on about 380 euro per month something that would be impossible elsewhere. That does not mean that living conditions are poor since the country is amongst the top 40 countries globally as far as quality of life is concerned. Even in Europe Lithuania is one the top 10 places where people would like to live. 

Here is a list of the 5 most expensive places in Lithuania to buy property.

1. Zarasai 

This is a city located in the northeastern part of Lithuania.  In the region is several rivers and lakes among which is the River Laukesa which is connecting the Lakes Zarasaitis and Griežtas. There is also Lake Griežtas, Lake Baltas and Lake Zarasaitis. Many people visit Trakai Island Castle which is accessible across the wooden boardwalk which has to be crossed to reach the island where there is also an extremely fascinating museum. People also visit the Vilnius Cathedral which is an expression of catholic spirituality. This is a Palladian-style cathedral. A house can be purchased for approximately US$1 million.

2. Lake Šventas  

on the shore of Lake Šventas are many beautiful properties all of which are enjoying the beautiful views of the lake and the amazing sunsets in the region. This lake is in the eldership of Švenčionėliai. Vilnius can be reached in approximately one hour. The scenery in the surrounding region is out of this world and the lake shore is a popular hiking area and there are also fishing and boating opportunities. A lovely lake shore house can cost US$1.500,000, may cheaper for cash buyers.

3. Smiltynė

The name of this town is German and it means Sand krag or Sand power. This town is part of the Klaipėda city municipality. It is in a region which you will find on the northern tip of the Curonian Spit. This is not far from a narrow strait which connects the Baltic Sea to the Curonian lagoon. Just across the strait on the mainland of Lithuania is Klaipėda which is a port city. There is no connecting bridge across the strait and therefore ferries transport vehicles and people across who desire to travel from one city to the other. Most of the coastline around Klaipėda is reserved for port activities and there fore Smiltynė is the only public beach in the region. A house will cost US$1.9 million.

4. Zujūnai

In the Vilnius district municipality, there is a village called Zujūnai which has approximately 1600 permanent residents. Many people who come here visit Vilnius university which is considered to be a culturally rich area. The also visit the amazing cathedral which is a close by. There is also the Gediminas tower which is considered to be the birthplace of the city of Vilnius and while there visit the museum and take the time to view the beautiful hills from the top of the tower. A house in Zujūnai will cost US$2.2 million. 

5. Vilnius

This city is the capital of Lithuania. One of the identifying characteristics of this city is its baroque architecture. This architecture is even more visible in the medieval old town of Vilnius. Cobblestoned streets are quite common and they actually are a very accurate reflection of different eras and styles of which some is further reflected in the Gothic St. Anne’s Church and also the neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral. There is also the Gate of Dawn which is dating back to 16 century which is rumored to contain a shrine exhibiting a sacred Virgin Mary icon. Properties yet can cost US$6 million and more.

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