Sole Representative Visa UK

Establish a Global Business Presence with A Sole representative visa UK

Brexit has brought good news to many countries when it comes to Sole representative visa UK. The year 2021 is landing with newer opportunities for passionate overseas business owners to expand their network and establish a global business presence with a sole rep visa UK.

A sole rep visa offers the best opportunities to any senior official or formal representative of the overseas business to stay, establish and grow in the UK with the foremost education, lifestyle and healthcare benefits.

What is the role of a Sole representative?

  1. Any senior member of the business who can establish the business in the UK
  2. Anyone employee of a business outside the UK who can establish a subsidiary or a fully running business
  3. A member of the news or broadcasting agency
  4. A sole representative has less than 50% shares in the business
  5. CEFR level A1 English proficiency in both speaking and listening.

A sole representative’s role is to make decisions on behalf of the business and expand its presence in the UK. A sole representative is a person of relevant skills who is knowledgeable enough to know the UK market’s pros and cons and can run the business based on that. He/she can hire overseas workers for business purposes and can sponsor skilled workers. The visa allows you to stay and work for up to 3 years.

Eligibility to establish in the UK

  1. The overseas business will need to show genuine trading
  2. The business must have a fully operational headquarters
  3. The business must have enough funds to support the UK entity’s commercial presence in the UK.  
  4. You will need to show that the sole representative can take decisions on behalf of the business.
  5. A sole representative has enough funds to maintain and accommodate yourself in the UK. 
  6. Meets A1 level English proficiency.

Cost of a Sole representative visa

  1. The company pays £610 per applicant plus immigration health surcharge.
  2. immigration health surcharge fees of  £624 per year  per person 
  3. They can also charge some extra fees for biometrics and other procedures.

How can I apply for a sole rep visa

To apply for a sole rep visa, the following steps to be taken

  1. An application form to be submitted online with documents evidence its trading in the UK.
  2. A letter, giving details of company background.
  3. The business may need to show some additional documents if asked by the Home Office to assess compliance requirements.
  4. The company must fulfil all information shared in the letter and documents at the time of the mock audit 

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It is also important to note that the application process could be time-consuming and needs expert advice at each step. The prospective company may hire the best immigration lawyer Uk who has the expertise and competence to guide at every stage of the application process on behalf of the business and fetch results. The immigration lawyer helps to file all the documents correctly and puts things in place during a mock audit to find gaps before the Home Office.

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