You Must Have These 8 Popular Types of Silk Handloom Sarees in Your Wardrobe!

You Must Have These 8 Popular Types of Silk Handloom Sarees in Your Wardrobe!

You are all aware that sarees are the women of India’s preferred festival attire. The six-yard elegance is a representation of grandeur and majesty. It makes you feel better about yourself and enhances your appearance. The Silk saree is the most popular saree among those we pick to wear and rock the celebrations with. The graphics and lustre are elegant and stunning. Given that India is a country with many festivals, silk sarees are frequently seen in everyone’s closet. The amazon silk sarees that Indian ladies wear at festivals steal the spotlight. And these sarees are currently gaining popularity all over the world.

1: Women love Banarasi silk

sarees because they are very affordable. Most Indian weddings and fancy wardrobes include these sarees. The history of the saree also includes the Mughals and the eras of the Mahabharat and the Ramayana. Banarasi sarees tell stories to enchant you with the patterned pattern and zari work on the top. In terms of fabric and style, sarees are very diverse. The four distinct fabric kinds are katan, organza, georgette, and satir. The well-known banarasi saree comes in five different patterns: Tanchoi, Butidar, Jangla, Cutwork, and Jamdani.

2. Sambalpuri Silk Saree

These Silk Sarees embody the warmth and power of the place from where they are made. Sarees made of Sambalpuri Silk are incredibly lovely and charming. The Sambalpuri sarees online, which come from the town of the goddess Samalei, or Sambalpur, give the garment its atmosphere. Sambalpuri Silk Sarees are well-known in the state for its exquisitely woven borders and pallus, which include vibrant contrasts and significant motifs inspired by temples in Odisha.

3: Khandua Silk Sarees

one of the state of Odisha’s most beautiful silk handicrafts.MostOdissi dancers wear these KhanduaPata Sarees, as you can see. Do you recall how stunning they appear in their shiny fabric and contemporary designs? Also presented to Lord Jagannath are these silk woven by hand in Odisha. These unique silk handlooms are a product of a culture that is proud of itself.

4: Due to its elaborate embroidery and glossy silk

Venkatagiri Silk Sarees are referred to be the Kohinoor of India. These were made by a group of weavers at Venkatagiri, an Andhra Pradesh location, during the reign. The best silk sarees made in India are Venkatagiri Sarees, which you should add to your collection. Although the majority of these silk sarees are made with silk and zari, we occasionally find modern variations. VenkataGiri is a well-known example of the meticulous craftsmanship of Bangladeshi Jamdani. The saree is very well-liked because of its pure silk and delicate stitching.

5: A very luxurious and attractive saree to wear and flaunt is the Maheswari Silk Saree.

The history of the Maheshwari Silk Saree may be traced back to Madhya Pradesh in the 18th century, where it was made in the town of Maheshwar, thus the name. The history of the silk saree does have a regal touch. A particular 9-yard saree, subsequently known as the Maheshwari saree, was created at the behest of several artists and craftspeople from Malwa and Surat. These sarees have a regal flair, making them popular as elegant presents for loved ones and others.

6.Dolabedi Silk Sarees are the most beautiful silk sarees to wear to any occasion.

┬áThe saree is magnificent and elegant because of the colour and the lovely designs on it. Dolabedi Silk Saree designs are a representation of the well-known dola festival, a celebration of love and colour. Dolabedi is the name for the elevated platform with an arch that lies beyond the main Temple’s outside compound wall.

7.One of the best silk saris from the state of Odisha is the Berhampuri saree.

These sarees are prized possessions among women in the state, who proudly wear them to celebrations and other events. These silk sarees are made in Berhumpur, the silk capital of Odisha, using a 200-year-old knitting method. It is well-known for having the PhodaKumbha pattern.

8.Bomkai Silk Sarees.

Many ladies throughout the world admire and are well-known for these Silk Sarees. These Bomkai Silk Saree handlooms are cutting edge for its Ikat and interlaced embroidery. The diversity of Bomkai Silk Sarees is a prime illustration of exquisite colour balancing and complex weaving. The Bomkai Saree is sophisticated and demanding due to the intricate border pattern that contrasts with the shiny body. Don’t you want to show off these gorgeous things?

9.Sarees made by handloom are popular in India.

 The Silk handloom sarees have still to be discovered and reach every part of the market, just as the cocoon stays within. Possessing a range of Indian handlooms, ranging from Banarasi and Odisha to many others, is an excellent idea. These sarees are meant to be displayed to support the weavers who toil away for only one saree. When will you purchase any of these?