Party Planner Business Cards

Overview on Party Planner Business Cards with its benefits


Every party is different and so are the guest list. Our goal is to create a memorable party for your guests.

“The Party Planner” is an exclusive service that would help you plan your next party. From invitations, to coordinating decorations, to executing the many tasks required for a successful event; our team of catering and social professionals will take care of everything!

What are Party Planner Business Cards?

A set of beautifully designed business cards to help spread the word about The Party Planner services. Store owners and catering professionals can hand them out to clients and identify themselves as the professionals in charge of the next big event.

The Party Planner Business Cards were designed with a very specific audience in mind. They have a simple design so that they can be handed out quickly while still catching people’s attention. The font used is bold but simple and the artwork is playful without being overly bright or distracting. A space was included for a website address as well as contact information.

Significance of Party Planner Business Cards:

These cards are to initiate and spread the word about The Party Planner services. They will be used to promote your business or simply handed out to potential customers in the industry you serve.

In addition, they are a useful tool to highlight your expertise in a specific niche. You could refer them as “specializing in party planning” or “gives special attention on the details of any event”.

The purpose of this project is to create Business Card for the service. The significance of this project is to get the idea, design, layout and presentation which will help in promoting the business. As you can see this business card is being used for online marketing as well as a physical business.

Types of Party Planner Business Cards:

Invitations: We can either do a formal invitation or keep it more casual.

Catering: You have many options from set menus with specific items chosen, to buffet style. We also give you the option of picking out your own food and drinks in advance so we can make sure they are available on the day of the party.

Decorations: Your decorations should reflect your style. We help you create a theme for your party so that everything will be cohesive when it comes time to design the invitations, menu, table settings, guest book and other things.

Entertainment: We can provide fun games and activities or help you find vendors to rent equipment or organize a band or DJ for the event.

Technicians: You have many options from lighting, decoration and entertainment.

Clean up: We will make sure the party area is clean before anyone leaves.

Set up: This will be handled either by us or a service of your choosing.

Day Of: Pick up the decorations, clean and prepare for the next party.

Care of Food & Drinks: We provide professional plating and table service to ensure that the food is served in an attractive and appetizing manner, without making it so overbearing that everyone leaves hungry.

Table Settings: We create stunning settings with beautiful table linens and all settings are created with care to make sure they are both stylish as well as functional. The items on the tables are chosen carefully to compliment each other, as well as being practical for serving food/drinks.

Benefits of Party Planner Business Cards:

1) It helps get the word out about your business

2) It helps you stand out as an expert in your field

3) You can use them for direct referrals or just to give out to potential customers

4) It helps you stay organized

5) You get to write your own business hours, rates and contact information

6) You can use them for your online marketing such as on a website, blogs or digital media like facebook and twitter.


The Party Planner cards were designed with the intention of spreading the word about a great service, as well as giving potential customers all the information they need to refer you or use your services. This business card set is designed to use on your website, blog and social media as well as for print advertising. The background on the card is white, so it makes them very easy to read. The font used was “DIN” which is a script type font that gives off a vintage feel without being too old looking. The logo was created by our designer in Illustrator and then placed over the font. The back of your cards will have all of your contact information and a list of services you offer. The samples included a logo for the service that you would like us to use for your cards which can be added in place of the name provided by you and we will customize it if desired. Since we are using a physical business card for online marketing, it is important for us to design a card that is easily recognizable online and in print media. We chose to use bright colors and bold fonts so that even from a distance or on small images, our cards will stand out. This means we can find them easier on social media sites or search engines and people browsing through Twitter or Pinterest will be able to see our business card without having to zoom in on the image.

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