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Whether you want to watch a game of football or if you’re just looking for the latest football news, there’s a site for you. Whether you’re looking for news in the Vietnamese league or you’re looking to check out a game from the UK, there are a number of different sites for you to choose from.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

Among the many online sports news websites in Vietnam, Thanh Nien Newspaper focuses on the country’s top football events. This newspaper was founded in 1986 and has a two million readership. Its articles cover various topics such as society, politics, health, and economy. They also cover international and local sports events. Its coverage is updated 24 hours a day.

Football is one of the most important sports in Vietnam

The country’s football fans are passionate about it, and large crowds often fill the streets after big matches. Many people also follow their local soccer leagues. Aside from watching local competitions, fans can also visit websites to view videos of international competitions.

Aside from football, Vietnam has many other sports

Some of the most popular sports news websites in Vietnam include YouSport 8X and Xem the Thai 789. Both websites provide sports news and live scores of all the major sports in the country. They also offer a calendar of upcoming events. Other websites offer sports prediction games.


Amongst the myriad sports websites in Vietnam, YouSport is one of the most popular and has the largest number of unique visitors monthly. The site offers football news, a sportsbook, a video blog, and a cool looking website that enables fans to book tickets for a variety of football matches.

YouSport is also a retail outlet for sports apparel and shoes in Vietnam. They boast a credit system that allows users to manage refunds. The site’s mobile app is also worth a look. You can also book sports venues online.

There are several other sports websites

Vietnam, but YouSport has the best coverage of the sport. The site boasts a wide variety of soccer information and news, including the official scoreboard. The site also features the latest news and videos about the Vietnamese national team.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the most popular Vietnamese sports news websites. It provides a lot of sports news and articles in both Vietnamese and English. It is updated regularly, and features a daily calendar of upcoming sports events. It also has a video blog and a discussion forum. It has a wide array of sports news, including football, regional football, e-sports, and international football. It also has betting games in Vietnamese and English.

There are also several other online sports news websites in Vietnam. Some of them include YeuTheThao, YouSport, and 8xbet. They all offer news, videos, and prediction games. Some also have live scores, ticket bookings, and live reporting.

YouSport is a sports website that offers articlel

Video content, and live reporting of football matches. They also have a community for fans, as well as a mobile app. They also report on the national team. They cover all major sports events. You can access the website twenty-four hours a day, and there are articles written in both English and Vietnamese.

Amongst the many online sports news websites in Vietnam, YeuTheThao is one of the most popular sports news websites in the country. The site features live reports, videos, articles and predictions. It also has an iPhone app.

YeuTheThao specializes in football news

The site features live coverage of national football matches, major sporting events and other sports. It also has an extensive library of sports content. The website also has a free prediction game for users.

The website is updated daily. It also has a forum for discussion on a wide variety of sports. It features video content from around the world. It also offers articles written by vetted professionals.

The site is aimed at football fans in Vietnam. It has regular news on the Vietnamese national team and other sports. You can also participate in competitions and book tickets.

Viet Nam XC Open – Putaleng 2022

During November 16-20, Lai Chau province is the host of the first national cross-country paragliding competition. The event will be held at the Pu Ta Leng Mount in the Tam Duong district. Several international pilots will also attend the event.

The event was organised by the local government to promote paragliding in the region. It included individual and team competitions, and dozens of domestic and international pilots took part. Some of the participants were awarded a 100 million VND bonus for winning all the categories. The tournament is considered to be the biggest of its kind in Vietnam, and is expected to attract more than 100 pilots. The winners of the event will also receive a 100 million VND bonus.

The competition is held in conjunction

ATP Challenger Yokkaichi, which will take place November 21-27 in Japan. The event will also attract the attention of international pilots, as it is the first time a cross-country paragliding competition is held in Vietnam.

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