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Never trust article about CodeIgniter development and here is why

This is a short blog about why you should never trust articles about CodeIgniter development. In the past, I have been a fan of using article directories to promote my articles. The problem is that they are full of junk and outdated content. In the past few years, I have noticed a shift in web design trends. These article sites are not as relevant as they used to be. There are better ways to get your content promoted these days. One of the most important things in any programming language is code organization. The same thing applies to PHP, so even though it is not a typical programming language used for mission-critical applications, you still need to organize your code well.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC framework that allows you to quickly create web apps. CodeIgniter includes libraries for connecting to databases and executing tasks such as sending out emails, transferring files, and monitoring sessions.

●  Features of CodeIgniter

1. Minimalist footprint

2. Exceptionally quick

3. Coupled haphazardly

4. MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture

●  Process of Using CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a model-view-controller framework. Model View Controller is the abbreviation for Model View Controller. The controller is the first to reply when a user requests a resource. The controller decodes the user’s request and, if required, requests the data. If you want to retrieve a customer with the id=3, for example, the controller will receive your request and then ask the CodeIgniter models to retrieve the record with the id=3. The record will be returned to the controller by the CodeIgniter models. After that, the controller sends the result to the view, which prepares it for human consumption. The user is then presented with the findings in the browser.

Why so much hype about it?

CodeIgniter is a powerful web application development framework that allows developers to build websites and apps quickly. Codeigniter has a very powerful and fast database, easy code editing, and a strong support community.

  • Model, View, and Controller (MVC) is a model, view, and controller architecture. This is the foundation of almost all frameworks. If this approach is not followed for huge websites or apps, the result is unmanageable spaghetti code. MVC provides good code separation and keeps things tidy. Some frameworks need you to work from books, whereas CI uses the MVC model, which makes sense. One of the most major reasons why CodeIgniter is so popular is because of this.
  • CI, unlike other PHP frameworks, requires little to no server resources. It works with both PHP4 and PHP5. That makes it simple to work in accordance with your knowledge. Many functions are already pre-programmed and ready to use.
  • CI is the framework that makes sense since it is simple to understand and expand. With little effort in CI, you may create new libraries, update existing libraries, and change the behavior of the framework.
  • In one small box, you’ll find everything you need: Calendar, e-mail, zip encoding, validations, uploading, and unit testing are just a few of the libraries that come with CI. It comes with a slew of default helpers for things like forms, file handling, arrays, strings, cookies, and directories, among other things. Also, if you wish to develop your own libraries and helpers, you may do so.
  • There is no need for “Packages installation or server configuration”:
  • To get the framework up and running, no package or server adjustments are required. Simply download and install CI, then upload the files to your server
  • access control: With CI, you may use as much or as little security as you need for your project. Encryption, managing session data and cookies with the database, and automatically escaping SQL queries are all enabled.

How can you improve your CodeIgniter development skills?

Let’s have a look at the key factors to look for when hiring a professional CodeIgniter developer from a  Best codeigniter module development Company.

Adaptable to New Technology and Changes

One of the most essential skills that the applicant must exhibit is the capacity to adapt to changes in the underlying technology. It must nevertheless adhere to the fundamentals of high-quality programming and have the ability to manage all needed modifications. So, while looking for a CodeIgniter developer, the most important talent to look for is the ability to incorporate new technological aspects into the commercial area.

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Worked on a variety of CodeIgniter-based web projects or applications.

You’ll need a developer that values flexibility in terms of experience since he or she should be familiar with a wide range of PHP apps and frameworks. A CodeIgniter developer should not be a one-trick pony that simply install-locks the game. Examine their broader range of technical know-how and PHP abilities to identify someone who can handle everything your application throws at them.

Work ethics that are strong

You’ll need a developer that is willing to put in the time and effort to keep things moving forward. These characteristics can only be discovered by conducting a background investigation on the individual, such as asking questions of former employers indicated on their CVs or during the interview. A CodeIgniter developer with excellent work ethics can fill the void, and other unique contributions can be made to improve the team.

Willingness to broaden their horizons

A web development owner must find a web developer that can work freely and is always learning and driven. Most developers nowadays take online courses to improve their skill set at work. The developer with transferrable abilities and natural talent who can be more constructive than someone with two pages of experience on their CV is being overlooked.

Should you trust articles on the internet about CodeIgniter development? NO! Here is why

●  Article writing is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products and services. Posting to numerous article directories increases your visibility, boosts your search engine results, and offers you high-quality backlinks. Many article directories welcome material regarding CodeIgniter development from developers.

●  The majority of CodeIgniter development articles on the internet are written by persons who have no experience with CodeIgniter. Before taking advice from any random blog article, you should always trust your own judgment and study CodeIgniter’s documentation.

●  The web development industry is frequently said to be unregulated. Anybody may claim to be a developer and begin working on your project. Our article today’s article, on the other hand, will demonstrate the extent of the harm that such individuals may cause to you and your company. We’ve been dealing with a firm named CodeIgniter India for the past month, and we’ve had to deal with inept engineers that failed to deliver the job they promised.

To wrap things up

CodeIgniter is a lightweight and powerful PHP framework. It adds a lot to the table and frees you up to concentrate on your application instead of the infrastructure. In this post, I showed you how to make a basic application with PHP and CodeIgniter. I demonstrated how the CodeIgniter MVC paradigm works and how you can construct apps in logical chunks using it. I also spoke about how CodeIgniter Views may help you write reusable code.

Agreed, never trust an article about CodeIgniter development. Instead, we recommend that you create a project for yourself and get cracking as soon as possible.

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