Bath Bomb Boxes

Make Customers Love Your Bath Bombs Using Alluring Packaging

Bath bombs are round balls full of explosive colors, salts, and moisturizing agents. People enjoy soothing baths using flavorful bath bombs. These colorful baths are sensitive because they fizz when coming in contact with moisture. Therefore, you need to design packaging that not only guards bath bombs but also grabs the attention of customers. It seems quite challenging but not impossible especially when there are certain customization options available for you. Below are some tips to design eye-catching bath bomb packaging:

Use Strong but Flexible Packaging Materials

Packaging materials must be considered to protect bath bombs from every sort of damage. The most durable yet flexible packaging materials are cardboard, cardstock, bux board, or Kraft paper. These materials are strong enough to prevent the penetration of moisture or dust inside the walls of bath bomb packaging. Moreover, the paper bath bomb packaging boxes are modifiable into any shape or size per desire.

Many cosmetic brands use Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale of cardboard materials to ensure safety. The cardboard walls are resistant to crushing. Thus, they will prevent the crushing of bath bombs as well. The reason for focusing only on the paper bath bomb packaging is its eco-friendly nature. Plastic packaging is not preferable as it adds waste to the environment due to its non-recyclable nature.

Precisely Color the Packaging

Bath bombs are popular due to their enchanting colors. Therefore, make your bath bombs more popular among different brands using precise color combinations. For that purpose, you need to focus on the marketing trends, customer preferences as well as requirements of your bath bombs. For example, you can color the bath bomb packaging in one color of different shades to distinguish different designs and prints of packaging.

Furthermore, one can print the bath bomb boxes wholesale in a color combination. But keep in mind that each color should corporate with the other color. For example, if your bath bombs are red color, color the packaging in black or white color. Well, it’s just a suggestion, the choice is completely yours. Don’t worry about whether your selected colors are available or not. CMYK and PMS color models are used by expert packaging companies to print perfect hues.

Consider the Shape of Bath Bomb Packaging

The shapes and sizes of bath bomb packaging boxes matter a lot as they decide the appearance of the packaging. Die-cutting techniques cut bath bomb boxes wholesale per orders of the clients. Some people prefer to buy combo bath bomb deals. Therefore, brands should get large packaging boxes to place multiple bath bombs. But, separate each bath bomb from the other with compartments. Partitions are very important because the bath bombs can stick with each other and get broken. Moreover, one can get separate mini boxes to place single bath bombs.

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Create Artistic Window Cuts

You already know that bath bombs are highly susceptible to damage because of their delicate nature. But customers love to check the products before making a purchase. If they open the packaging boxes, contamination-causing factors e.g. Dust or humidity can enter the packaging. Therefore, add transparent window cuts to bath bomb boxes wholesale. This way, customers will have a glimpse of inside bath bombs without opening the packaging. Moreover, the window pane looks attractive and levels up the appearance of bath bomb packaging. Many professional brands cut the window in creative shapes and sizes to get distinguishable bath bomb packaging.

Wrap Bath Bombs in Kraft Paper

The Kraft paper perfectly wraps the bath bombs and prevents them from wetness. One can put sticker labels on the Kraft wrap for business promotion. The beige brown or colorful paper wraps are available to upgrade the packaging of bath bombs. Brands can use paper to wrap each bath bomb and then place combo bath bombs inside the cardboard boxes. Customers love this kind of packaging and make a purchase decision.

Explain Your Bath Bombs

The customers want to know each detail of your bath bombs to avoid any confusion and enjoy a carefree shopping experience. They read the ingredients, usage, precautions, and expiry date of bath bombs. That’s why brands should mention these details on the bath bomb boxes wholesale. One can also mention the health benefits of bath bombs to convince customers to purchase decision. The customers can be allergic to some of the ingredients so mention authentic details. This will prevent you from getting negative customer reviews. Thus, you will satisfy a maximum number of customers and earn loyal customers.

Embellish Brand Details

Now a day, every brand mentions its name on the packaging boxes to get recognition in the market. But, you need to add a mesmerizing touch to the brand labels to make customers memorize your brand. For that purpose, you can use embossing, debossing, or gold/silver foiling options. The embossed or debossed logo looks classy on bath bomb packaging. Other than that, one should use adorable but readable fonts to tell the brand’s story. Brands can also mention the contact numbers and address details to assist customers in contact with them. This kind of packaging will promote your bath bomb business wherever it goes.

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