Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles That Flatter Every Face Shape and Will Never Go Out of Style

Long Hairstyles never goes out of fashion, so ignore the adage that you must cut it all off when you are a little mature. Long hair looks great at any age with the appropriate cut and care. The key is to choose the correct style for your long hair and keep it in good condition. Using the best hair dryer, heat protection for hair, the best shampoo and conditioner, and going to the salon for regular trims are essential.

More women than ever embrace length with back-grazing designs, putting an end to the myth that short haircuts for women over 40 are obligatory. Long hair is definitely in style right now, and the year 2021 has given people a lot more time to consider their style and where they want to go with it. This has been the year for ladies who have been thinking about growing out their haircuts. Since then, they have been pushing for the long hair they have always desired.

What Face Shapes Work Well with Long Hairstyles?

Long hair for all types

The good news is that long hair suits almost anyone’s face shape and hair type. It’s all about the shaping and styling — a professional hairstylist will be able to match your preferred hairstyle to your facial shape. Long hair is a fantastic equalizer for various facial shapes and suitability since you may keep it long but change it to fit your needs. Bangs, for example, can alter their appearance.

A jagged, wispy fringe is appropriate for a heart-shaped face, while a solid, heavier version is appropriate for a longer face. Try altering your parting and go for something more sweeping, such as a fringe or a longer shaped finish, for round faces.

Oval face shape goes with almost every style and it’s the most adaptable. The ball is in your court, and the majority of things will go as planned. As you can see, the length may be kept lengthy while still being suited to your face shape. Unless you’re going for a rigid one-length finish, add several lengthy soft invisible layers to provide shape and flow.

Does this ring a bell? If you are going to flaunt a longer hairstyle, make sure your cut complements your face shape and hair texture, be it straight hair or wavy hair. Here is a list of the most appealing long hairstyles, along with all the guidance you will need to make them work, like blunt bangs to modernize your appearance and flattering face-framing layers.

There is no limit to achieving that go-to hairstyle for long hair because you can enviously make your long hair look stunning. Count on a wide range of gorgeous long hairstyles by creating back combing, bouffant, waves, highlights, and curls. Then, fake it till you make it! Style long hairstyles in a way that favors your goals to achieve that stunning-looking long hair and boost the height of your hairstyle.

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Long hairstyles are still fashionable in 2021 if you obtain the proper cut and color. If you have long hair or are thinking about growing it out, you should know that layers, shags, and texture are all the rage this year. V-cuts, vintage braids, and ponytails are all good options. 

If you naturally have long hair but don’t know how to style it, you have reached the perfect place. The most popular colors, haircuts, and hairstyles for long hair, whether it’s thin, fine, thick, curly, straight, or with extensions, are listed here. So get inspired and take advantage of your lovely length!

Wavy Hairstyle with Long Choppy Layers

Long wavy hair

Layered cuts offer a great fit for locks lacking body and any hair type. Curl the choppy layered wavy hair and finish it with a volumizing hair spray. Finally, choose long hair extensions for added volume and texture in your hair. Ombres and balayage make a great hair color choice for this long hair.

Subtly Layered Caramel Straight Hairstyle

Caramel colored long hair

This caramel layered hairstyle for long hair is undeniably sweet looking and makes your locks look fuller. The carefully placed highlights add dimension and play up long thin hairstyles, while unremarkable changes in length create movement. Pair these two techniques and prevent a style from looking plain in your straight hair. 

Straight Long Chocolate Color Hair

Chocolate brown hair

You can mesmerize your long hair with the soft lines and delicious chocolate hue. This is a fantastic solid hair color for long straight hair. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to add in more layers. Keep fewer, longer, and softer layers that cascade down your shoulder. This hairstyle for long hair makes your locks look fabulous.

Perfect Pulse Racing voluminous Wavy Hair

Voluminous long wavy hair

No hairstyle is off-limits when it comes to creating volume. You have to be creative and style your wavy hair to achieve that voluminous long hair. The best way to make your hair look thicker is to start with its texture. Backcomb the roots to add volume to your crown. Next, create waves in your hair with a straightener or braid method. The next thing you will notice is a lot more oomph in your long hair.

Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Curly long hair

Frizzy hair is a big no-no, but in this hairstyle, it is tastefully done. Invoke a sense of fullness and tamed messiness by matching weightless, bouncy curls with a wide barrel and a gentle brush out. Additionally, further, intensify the buoyancy of this fun and easy style by adding layers of various lengths to your long hair.

Straight Haircut with Long Layers

Long layered hair

You got it right; your long fine hair can look fuller even in its straight form. Use a straightening tool to add sleekness and edginess to your long hair. Make the layers more obvious with intentionally tousled mid shafts. Use a texturizing spray and a milder hold wax and run your fingers through to make the layers appear strong. 

Long Cut with Feathered Face-Framing

Long feathered cut

A feathered cut hairstyle is an ideal solution for long hair because it produces variation without stripping the density out of your hair. In addition, it is a perfect solution for those who already feel as if they lack thickness in their long hair

The Go-To Ponytail Hairstyle

Sleek ponytail with a wavy end

No hairstyle is off-limits when it comes to creating that sporty vibe in your long hair. A ponytail is just the right hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. You have to be creative and style your hair to achieve that stunning ponytail in your hair. The best way to make your hair stand out is either curl, braid; use hair weaves for that extra volume and dimension. Backcomb the roots to add volume to your crown. The next thing you will notice is a lot more oomph in your ponytail hairstyle.

Face Framing Long Layered Hairstyle

Frame your face with long hair

Adding in layers to long hair instantly frames your face. It gives an appearance of a well-defined jawline because it slims down the face. Layers make your locks appear fuller, and it’s a great option for long straight hair.

Sleek Straight Half Updo

Straight half updo

Sleek straight half updo hairstyle is just fire and striking! Try the sleek back-combed and smoothed-out half updo on your long hair that is red-carpet-worthy. Confidently wear this hairstyle for any occasion. It’s effortlessly elegant and makes it a perfect hairstyle for long straight wavy hair.

Sleek Long Hairstyle with Extensions

Sleek long extension

Long hair is one hairstyle that every woman wishes to have, and they make the ideal hairstyle to achieve that perfect feminine vibe. Don’t worry if you don’t have one for you can always choose a hair extension that looks natural and gives you that length of your dreams. A long hair extension lets you achieve that Rapunzel-like hair and comes in a vast array of striking hair colors and textures.

Waterfall Braid for Long Hair

Chic waterfall braided hair

Hairstyles for long straight hair can be difficult because hair tends to trip out of whatever style its placed in. Waterfall braid acts as a great solution because it gathers hair at a distinct angle and tends to keep it in place. Waterfall braids may look complex, but this technique is relatively easy to learn with the right amount of practice. It works great on long hair, and it’s an on-trend way to wear a braided crown. Try adding a few curls, crimps, or waves for that defined wavy hair.


Long hair looks great at all lengths. Experiment more with colors, layers, and styles. On that note, let’s embrace our long hair by giving it the right styling techniques and making it even more beautiful. Now that you know how to exactly style your long hair try out these effortless and stylish hairstyles and turn heads. Experiment with colors, layers, styles, look fabulous, and don’t leave any long hairstyles uncovered!

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