Learn Best way to use Email in 17 Steps

Learn the best way to use Email in 17 Steps

In today’s era of instant messaging, e-mail is still popular with regard to professional work. Whether you use Gmail or any other mail service, caring for the little things will save you and others valuable time!

Here are some small, but handy things to write about, that will be helpful to you.

1) Smart sorting

Do you use the smart sorting feature in Gmail? This feature automatically sorts your most important emails and types of social updates, promotions, updates, forums, etc. into five different tabs. If you do not use this feature, go to the settings on the right, click on ‘Configure Inbox’ and select the tabs you want. As you use Gmail more and more, this automatic sorting will become more and more perfect.

2) Use filters

You can filter all the mail that comes to you in Gmail the way you want. Determine your needs and create different filters. Filters can be done with automatic deletion of important mails, automatic forwarding of important mail to another person, automatic labeling of emails with specific person or words, etc.

3) Unsubscribe

After you start smart sorting in the inbox, you will see in the Promotions tab most of the mail will be newsletters from a company. Each of these e-mails has the ability to unsubscribe.

If you want to delete such emails, type ‘unsubscribe’ in the search box, take a look at the results you get, if all looks useless, select ‘All’, delete it!

This is how any new newsletter you have previously approved, but if you no longer need it, make it a habit to unsubscribe immediately. Will be beneficial in the long run!

4) Check account activity

You should check it a few times, since no one uses Gmail other than you.

To do this, check ‘Last Account Activity’ in the lower right-hand corner of the inbox on a PC and, in particular, click the Details link. If anything seems suspicious here (or even if you don’t!) Click ‘Sign Out of All Other Web Sessions’.

5) Use two-step verification

This is the best way to keep your Gmail account secure. Take full advantage of it. Two-step verification can be done in several different ways. Check out all of these options and understand their disadvantages.

In particular, be sure to download and save code that can be used when no two-step verification method is useful.

6) Keep changing your password

If anything in the account seems suspicious or not, change your password a few times.

In the Settings tab, under the Accounts tab, you can change the password by clicking on ‘Change Account Settings’. Whether or not you have the benefit of changing your password securely, one particular benefit is certain – since the arrival of smartphones, many people have no need to use Gmail on a PC. Every time we have to give a password to a PC, the smartphone app does not require it, in the long run we forget the password. For that reason, however, the habit of changing passwords occasionally will be useful.

7) Use labels / folders

Different labels can be assigned to the mail that comes to us in Gmail. Folders can be created in other mail services.

Using these labels and folders will make managing mails much easier and in the future, finding work mails will be much easier.

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8) Limit the use of labels

Quite a contradictory issue than the one above! You can decide what suits you the best, but since Gmail has a very powerful search feature, we can use a limited number of labels and a strategy to search only the mails we want from search.

For that reason, however, we need to give each mail the subject line properly. We can do this only when we send mail to someone else, we cannot make any changes to other mails. This is why labels are also needed.

9) Take advantage of ‘Reply All’

If you have more than one person involved in an e-mail that you frequently visit and the answer is most likely to be yours, it is best to set the default ‘Reply All’ instead of ‘Reply’.

To do so, go to Settings, in the General tab, select the ‘Reply All’ option in ‘Default Reply Behavior’.

10) Use ‘Reply All’ only if needed

Contradictory issue again, but everyone’s time is precious! In response to an e-mail sent to a large number of people – even if you do not respond, you need to check if there is a work message for them.

If these people respond to something like ‘Thanks’ or ‘Talk to you later about this’ without cause, then it will be a waste of time for you to check in!

11) Take advantage of the ‘Send and Archive’ feature

If you want to keep your inbox clean, send a reply written to someone, as well as enable the ‘Send and Archive’ option in the General tab in Settings, to get it removed from the inbox.

12) When sending mail, think about the future!

This is a very important point. Whether you use Gmail or any other mail service, will you be able to find the mail you send today if you want to find it by striking it five or six months or ten years later?

It’s not enough to just remember who sent the e-mail. Other essential information (such as company name, project name, quotation, invoice), etc. Think of it as a keyword and add it to the subject or object of the e-mail. In the future it will be much easier to find this e-mail.

13) Make an immediate decision on each mail

Mail it as soon as it arrives! Is it possible to respond immediately? So give it Thinking is to answer? Then send it to the appropriate label / folder. Like Gmail, ‘snooze’ can also be done as the mail appears after a certain date.

Gmail has a Tasks feature (both on PC and App) if you want to add a note to incoming mail. Add an e-mail to it as well as your note. You will also be able to add a date-time to such a task.

14) Limit Inbox checking

It is often the case that as often as checking mails, our original work is late. Of course, when someone sends us mail today, we expect that we will respond on the same day.

15) Most importantly, write first

In today’s age of instant messaging, no one has time to read our long mails. That is why our purpose for sending mail is to write clearly, first of all. Save your time and even those in front!

16) Pay attention to the subject

When we send someone a mail, it’s very important to think carefully about the subject line – for the person in front and also for ourselves.

If the subject line is written correctly, the person in the front will clearly understand our purpose and will be able to pay attention to it immediately. On the other hand, if we understand and write the subject as written further, it will be easier to access the same mail again in the future.

17) Take advantage of the ‘undo’ feature

Mistakes can happen to anyone, even to us. If there is something wrong with the e-mail and the sand button is clicked by mistake, then by unlocking Gmail’s settings for 1 second, the settings can be un-done in Gmail’s settings to allow this missing arrow to be reverted. This is like taking advantage of this feature.

This way your e-mail service will be a lot easier if you do a few settings to suit your needs!

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