StormX Clone

Launch Your Own Crypto Cashback Reward Platform Using This StormX Clone Script

They are all aware of how well the cryptocurrency industry is doing globally. Start the process of developing a platform for cryptocurrency cashback rewards. A ready-to-use Stormx Clone Script will do the task instead of taking the risk of generating it from scratch. 

Introducing StormX.

One cryptocurrency cashback incentive program, StormX, enables users to receive rewards and cashbacks for each purchase. It also piques the interest of crypto aficionados by enhancing StormX’s capabilities. Finally, StormX has raised more than $30 million and has attracted enormous industry attention.

Why Would You Use a StormX Clone Script to Create a Cashback Platform? 

StormX is a platform for bitcoin cashback rewards. Entrepreneurs can get a StormX Clone Script if they want to create a cryptocurrency payback platform. With the most recent features and functionalities, you may establish a cryptocurrency cashback reward network with our ready-made StormX clone script. 

Here are a few of its features! 

1. Completely Secure 

2. Almost unhackable 

3. Usability 

The most delicate ways for customers to earn rewards while making purchases from partners or merchants are provided by cryptocurrency cashback scripts that are similar to StormX clone scripts. Customers will earn a portion of the cryptocurrency credit when they buy electronics, apparel, or anything else, and they can withdraw it from their wallets.

How Does the StormX Cloning Script Work? 

Here are a few easy steps to understanding StormX Clone Script’s operation. 

1. The app administrator will be connected to numerous online retailers, much like many other e-commerce sellers. 

2. The administrator receives a commission each time a customer purchases something from the app or dealer. 

3. The admin and the user split the commission. 

4. Users can take their cryptocurrency out of their wallets or sort it. 

5. The app is available for mobile devices and Chrome extensions. 

6. Users can withdraw money from their wallets after they reach the minimum cashback reward.

Secure Data & Transactions Are One Of Our StormX Clone Script’s Features. 

For third-party parties, the security of our Stormx clone script is very strong. 

Licensed retailers’ shops 

Customers can partner with verified merchants and shops, which are important for earning rewards. 

the reward for cashback within 24 hours 

Within 24 hours of a successful purchase, clients receive their cryptocurrency reward. 

Best cryptocurrency cashback 

Our Stormx clone script allows for high-paying cryptocurrency cashbacks. 

browser extension support 

It can be set up via a browser plugin, such as Chrome. 


STMX tokens are staked annually at a rate of 27.5 percent more.

List Out the Cryptocurrencies That Can be Gained As Cashback

  1. Bitcoin(BTC)
  2. Ethereum(ETH)
  3. StormX(STMX)
  4. Litecoin(LTC)
  5. Dai(DAI)
  6. Yearn.Finance(YFT)

How do STMX Tokens work? 

A StormX clone model is run on the STMX token’s computer. Through the StormX clone, these tokens can be utilized to take part in numerous transactions. Users will receive an additional 27.5 percent cashback yearly due to this. The script for stocking can include several exchanges.

Where to store your STROM(STMX) tokens for maximum rewards

1. Trust Wallet


Stats On STMX

1. Total Supply: 10 Billion

2. Token Holders: 44K

3. Current Price: $0.33    

4. Crowdsale Price: $0.011

5. Current Market cap: $349M

6. Token Type: ERC-20

Why Should You Choose Us To Develop A StormX Clone? 

Various companies design websites for Crypto Cashback. Who can be trusted, though, is never guaranteed. We provide the most fantastic script for a cryptocurrency cashback website with cutting-edge features. We also create a cryptocurrency cashback reward program from scratch. 

We look to be a mass entry into the online business sector and provide several benefits. It’s time to enter the $1 trillion services market by launching your cryptocurrency cash-back platform. 

We offer services like creating a StormX clone script, merchant store support, cashback within 24 hours, browser extensions, secure and data transactions, stacking, and additional coin cashback.