Latest Kurta Trends in 2021

The year 2021 has been a year of turmoil across the globe for many reasons, one of them being covid. The global pandemic forced us to go under lock and key to save ourselves from the deadly virus. Our wardrobes during the year consisted of clothes that made us feel comfortable like loungewear, nightwear, etc. However, many people for when they had to go out be it men or women chose short kurtas as well. 

Today just like everything else in the world you can buy kurtas online too. Short kurtas, half kurtas and kurtis, in general, have become staple for all. They are available in multiple fabrics and are suitable for all weathers. Especially the cotton kurtas in summers are a lifesaver. 

Kurta Trend 2021

Today there is no lack of stylish kurta for men or women. This is one traditional piece of clothing that has been a part of our culture for quite a long time for both genders. Half-kurtas for men paired with jeans has actually become the definition of intellectuals.

We know that the fashion trends across the globe change quite frequently but the one fashion trend that has never suffered due to the constantly evolving fashion industry is India’s ethnic wear.  Stylish Kurtas for men also have always been in.

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Regardless of the amount we love wearing and parading western outfits, ethnic Indian garments consistently hold an uncommon spot in our souls. Because of their immortal allure, ladylike appeal, beautiful shades, and obviously – solace to wear, ladies of any age presently love displaying their magnificence and presence on various events with these ethnic wears not at all like prior when they were just implied for wearing at weddings and functions. The style, class, and appeal of Indian ethnic wear have consistently been prehistoric.

We know the styles and designs have come down various centuries through various kings and queens. Now, the question was how to make this ancient, age-old stylish kurta for men and women into the contemporary time’s associated trendy styles. However, the fashion designers took up the challenge quite gracefully and came up with new modern designs and stylish kurta for men and women. 

Let’s talk about some of the new trends for the year 2021:

  1. You can wear short kurtas with jeans. This applies to both men and women, one of the simplest of dressing ways and often passes as semi-formal wear too if dressed well enough. 
  2. Kurta’s look well on certain occasions like especially when they are worn in weddings and such Indian traditional functions. They can be worn as dresses, suits, etc. Casual Kurtas for men doesn’t fit well in this equation and that is why Indian Ethnic wear is one of the most profitable in the fashion industry in India. 
  3. There are a lot many of us do not understand. Half kurtas for men are all the rage today. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, pants and such.
  4. Long kurtas for men have always been stylish and still is. You can buy these kurtas online with other types of clothes.  

I hope you understood the current trending kurtas. All kurtas go well with our classic denim jeans or even pants. On special occasions, these are also worn with lungis, pyjamas, salwars and different types of lowers. 

I hope you are all ready for the coming summers and have gone out to buy some half kurtas for men available both online and offline in various materials. They can make you look and be your staple for the summer. 

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