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Interview Tips: Take a look at the FAQs based on the Hobby

Many students like watching movies, surfing the net, listening to music. Sometimes it doesn’t come up with special questions. Thus, from the above discussion, we can understand that the candidate can choose any hobby.

During the personality test, many questions are asked about the ‘hobby‘. Analyze what questions the board may ask. Someone has some kind of hobby in their leisure time – hobbies. Through the questions asked, the candidate can find out in-depth how well a candidate can go in any field and his personality and attitude! Let’s discuss an example of what questions can be asked about hobbies.

Fond of walking

This hobby is loved by many students. Extremely easy to prepare. They cannot ask specific critical questions. How much do you run each day? What’s the distance in an hour? Why the Benefits of Walking? How many calories can you burn by walking for an hour? Does the rate of heart rate change while walking?

A hobby of a diary

Why write a diary? What are the benefits? What do you value the ‘Mahadevbhai Diary’? How did Gandhi’s character become known through this diary in history? What do you know about the diary written by Anne Frank? Will this hobby help you in your career?

Sport based questions

Many candidates name a game in their hobby. If you are fond of cricket, chess, swimming or any other sport then remember the rules of the game, the size of the field, etc. Questions can be asked about national and international competitions held in this area. National or world-class players in that game are asking questions about their contribution. Besides, should cricket be made the national game of India? Why India cannot make a special contribution to the Olympic field even though it is making economic progress. What administrative steps should we take to improve the sports sector? The prevailing children’s out-of-door sport has sparked a mobile game, so how can you control it? If you are a government official, what steps can you take to prevent it?


Many people have this type of hobby. What are some places that you have visited such as a hobbyist? What good-natured experiences have you had while travelling? What steps should be taken to develop the tourism sector in India? What did you learn by travelling or what changed your personality? If you are selected for this job and you are not allowed to travel, will you be disappointed with it? Questions are drawn from the history of the places visited, geography, cultural affairs, current importance, economy, sights, etc. Besides, you should get an idea of ​​all the sights and attractions in your district.

Reading hobby

Reading is the activity of students in each competitive exam. But reading academic books is not a hobby. Questions are asked for reading based on what kind of books you have read. Frequently Asked Questions, – Name the book you last read. When did you read this book and what did you find special in it? Who is your favorite author? Current literature trends, features or limitations of important authors and their works.

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In addition to this discussion, students are choosing photography, writing, skyline, philately, notaphily as special hobbies. The more interested you are, the more interested the board members are. As one candidate described the ‘snake catch’ as ​​a hobby. He had a good mastery of the art of catching snakes. The board asks such candidate questions about the type of snake, what to cure toxins, etc. Sometimes more than one hobby can be displayed.

Some common hobbies if you have demonstrated questions may not be asked. As a cricket hobby shows so much that it might not be as interesting to ask the board a question! In addition to watching movies, surfing the net, listening to music, many hobbies are with students. Sometimes it doesn’t come up with special questions. Thus, from the above discussion, we can understand that the candidate can choose any hobby but it should be studied in-depth and intuitively. Only then can the personality successfully pass the test.

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