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How To Shoot 360 Property Photography Like The Pros


A 360 Photo Real Estate is an online listing service that allows clients to view a virtual tour of their listed home on all available platforms. 360 Property Photography is a company that specializes in digital marketing, photography, and design for real estate properties. Using the latest technology of virtual reality, we are able to create a sense of depth and allow the user to experience their house in any room or area they choose. Our services range from outdoor spaces to inside rooms and ranges in price from $179-$995 depending on size and complexity. We work with both domestic and international clients depending on what you are looking for.

What is 360 Property Photography?

360 Property Photography is a 360 degree tour of everything in your house. Each room is photographed separately from every angle and then stitched together to create a virtual tour. It is super easy to use, just click and drag to view the property in any direction you want.

How does 360 Property Photography work?

We first come out to the client’s property, determine the scope of what needs to be photographed and then begin photographing all the rooms of their house. After that we spend hours stitching each room together into one large photograph that can be viewed on any platform. The photographs are then stitched together to create a interactive tour of the property. Each room is photographed with a DSLR camera and then stitched together using Photoshop and other programs. This program acts like a virtual camera that you can manipulate to view the house in any direction you want.

How do I purchase a 360 Property Photography?

It is simple! Just visit our website and choose which package fits your needs best. We will contact you once we receive your order and schedule a time for us to come out and photograph your home. After that, we spend the hours it takes to stitch each room together plus design the interactive tour. Once that is complete, you receive a large 3D 360 property photography of your house.

Can I view my 360 Real Estate on my Virtual Reality (VR) head-set?

Yes! You can view the 360 virtual reality tour of your property using the Google Cardboard and other VR head-sets. This will give you a more immersive experience of what it is going to be like when you move in. We can also help with creating an app so that you can explore your house while on the go.

How long does it take to create a 360 Property Photography?

It takes about 2-3 days per property depending on size and complexity. This includes photographing the entire property, stitching and designing the interactive tour.

Do you use the best camera’s for your 360 Property Photography?

Yes! We use the best professional grade DSLR cameras on the market. Each has a pixel size of 4.6-8 microns which will create stunning detail for each photograph. Each home is different in size, so we need to use different cameras based on what is needed. All of our equipment is professional grade with over 15 years of experience in photography and design.

Significances of 360 Property Photography:

People are using 360 property photography to advertise their home but they also want to show off their property. The ability to show it in every room and area might be more desirable than just a single photograph.

It is a great way to attract more attention to your property and will help sell your home faster. With a virtual tour, you can share details with prospective buyers that you never could before. Everyone loves a free tour and photos from your front door are great to show off. More than ever people want virtual tours of their home and 360 Property Photography is the only way to do it.

These days, real estate photography is not only picture perfect, but it can also tell a story. With 360 property photography, the story of your home comes alive in full color, bringing the past and present together in one place. Becoming a 360 property photographer allows you to go beyond traditional real estate photography to really show off your place at its best.

Before moving in and before selling, some homeowners would like to have professional photographs taken of their house so that they have memories of what it was when they lived there.


In conclusion, 360 property photography is a fantastic way to advertise your house and give prospective buyers an inside look at everything it has to offer. It will put a smile on their face as they will be able to see the house from every angle and get a feel for how it was back when you lived there. People want tours of their home without having to leave, so this is the perfect way to share one.

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