NFTs in Gaming

How to create an NFT gaming marketplace

The gaming industry has always lived with a legacy with massive growth in the economy. The gaming industry holds an economic value of 160+ billion dollars to date, which may double in the upcoming five years. With 3+ billion players, the gaming industry is directly influencing the current economy. The crypto enthusiasts always felt this centralized gaming industry must be Decentralized to make it available for everyone in a more secure way.

The availability of blockchain and NFT making it possible; this article will discuss the NFT gaming development and its services and solutions.

NFT Gaming 

The traditional gaming industry got hold of all the data, assets, and other game features in one place. Their In-app purchases and gaming coin purchases are centralized, and the revenues are converted as profit to one central node. But the blockchain and NFT made this whole process upside down, where blockchain makes it completely decentralized, and NFT brings the assets to the public domain and makes them available for purchase.

Other than the revenue ecosystem, these traditional gaming servers are stored in one place. People playing this game will have real-time access to the assets they own in the game. If the game’s server is concealed or the game company decides to discontinue the project for various reasons, the assets you have and the levels you completed will become inaccessible.

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E.g., let’s take Players Unknown’s Battleground, a Massive multiplayer online role-playing game that was banned in India for several reasons. The game is suddenly inaccessible. Until the ban is removed and you will not legitimately have access to the game. Rust is also an online role play game whose 30 servers are taken down by France for specific reasons. The data stored in those servers was completely inaccessible, and thousands of players lost their game data, assets, and many others.

These destructions are enough to realize that the money we utilized and the time we spent in those traditional gaming platforms were just to make the centralized node more powerful and wealthier. Nothing there can’t be brought back to your own system after playing.

These paved the way for NFT gaming Development, where the money we spent acts as an investment, and assets collected can also be utilized in several ways.

NFT gaming Industry – How they Function

Non Fungible tokens are unique, inseparable, and the blockchain technology’s secure and decentralized path adds value to the NFT gaming industry. The assets in the games can be converted into NFTs, and they can be brought into specific marketplaces for trading.

There is also the possibility of players getting paid by playing those games. Light nite, an NFT-based game, allows players to trade the assets and pay them for every engaging activity they do in the game. This offers the users a feeling of control over their competition. All the rewards, purchases have real-time value.

Liquid Chain is one of the most used blockchain technologies, and they offer a significantly faster and more confidential transaction. They use a Lighting network to perform two-layer protocols that operate much more efficiently and bidirectional transactions.

Storage Platform

NFT gaming platforms use decentralized storage platforms for various reasons like immutability- data can be recovered even if a specific server is destroyed. As several servers back them up, P2P platforms are a direct interaction. 

Special Features NFT gaming Offers

The NFT gaming platform offers salient features for its users to experience gaming peacefully and with more freedom. Here are some features

  • Fake Token denial 

NFT gaming platforms offer exclusive tokens and support original tokens for any service transaction. Their validation is the same as the NFT validation, so there is no possibility of fake tokens.

  • Ownership authenticity 

The gamer account breach and theft of assets were always a severe tension occurring in the gaming environment. The blockchain-based NFT gaming platform is more secure and validates at 100% perfection.

  •  Interoperability

If many games are built on an identical blockchain, those assets can be bought and utilized under cross-chain support.

NFT Gaming Marketplace Development

NFT gaming marketplace development should have various factors as a requirement before launching the marketplace,

NFT Gaming platform development majorly needs,

  •  Front-End 

Front-end development or User interface should be more attractive and straightforward. They should be easy to adopt, increasing traffic to the marketplace and increasing people’s engagement repeatedly.

  • Filters

The marketplace should have filter options like sorting, category management, and search options for users to find their desired product.

  • Dashboard and Admin panel

The dashboard is an essential function in a marketplace that allows you to track your marketplace growth and take action against any issue. The admin panel is required to have privileged access to the marketplace to maintain and stabilize the growth of the market.

  • Wallets

This NFT gaming marketplace must have wallets that are inter-chain supported to have efficient and fast transactions. And web 3.0 wallets are preferable.

  • Storage platform

The storage platforms engage with storing the data in various decentralized servers. There are different types of storage platforms available for the platform.

  • Security protocols

The security protocols that include prevention protocols like

  1. Anti DDoS 

Distributed denial of services is carried out primarily with zombies or slave systems where a number of traffic simultaneously down the server. prevention of these attacks is an essential part of the security protocol

  1. SSL Stripping

SSL stripping is where the HTTPS website is interrupted and downgraded to access the information within them.

These are just to develop a marketplace. To build a game, you need to decide what type your game is based on and start building one.

NFT games

NFT Games are more likely to be available in most game categories like Action, E-sports, simulation-based, card and board-based, racing games, PVP battle games, arcade games, casino games, etc…

After choosing the type of NFT game, you now need to finalize and start building the assets that need to be in the NFT game, and this is the primary key of the NFT gaming development platform.

Existing NFT game based marketplaces

Crypto kitties

Crypto kitties is an online game based on the ethereum blockchain, which offers collectible kitties. They can be bought and sold. The most innovative part is that two kitties can combine to form new kitties with genetic combinations. There will be a sire in every breeding pair, and they have a recovery period before they breed again. 


Decentraland is also an ethereum blockchain-based game platform that allows the users to trade with the simulated world, where they can buy, sell and stake the virtual reality assets of their lands.

There are many other NFT gaming platforms based on several other blockchain technologies, and even there are many gaming NFT marketplace creations ongoing right now. 

Wrapping Up

Have you ever imagined the gaming industry will come this close and the assets we collected can be accessed in real-time? But blockchain and NFT made this entirely possible for us. This creates massive business opportunities in the creation of the NFT gaming platform and for the NFT gaming solutions. If you are the one who needs to develop your own NFT gaming platform, Find a perfect technological partner for you. There are many firms out there, and you have to find the ideal match based on your requirements. After seeing the right partner, express your flow and enjoy trading.

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