How to Choose an Online Logistics Delivery Management System

online Logistic delivery system – If you are looking for logistics software that will manage the delivery process for your business, consider a delivery management system. These solutions can help you improve your customer experience and reduce costs. For instance, they can automate delivery scheduling, analyze telematics data, and route optimization. Moreover, they can improve your on-time delivery rate.

Automated delivery scheduling

Automated delivery scheduling is the process of assigning delivery to a specific driver based on the expected arrival time and the location. This software also optimizes the routes and makes it possible for drivers to have shorter travel times. This increases the speed of deliveries and reduces the time taken for each delivery KPI.

Using automated delivery scheduling with Clickoot online logistic delivery management system is an excellent way to increase revenue. This web-based software provides a centralized management dashboard for dispatchers and drivers. It also integrates with third-party delivery partners and provides real-time alerts.

Customers want visibility into the delivery process and tracking it through to the door. They are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers same-day delivery. This is especially important for B2C businesses where visibility over first and last miles is critical. In addition, retailers need to be able to inform their customers of where their packages are at all times, which builds trust with customers.

With automated delivery scheduling, companies can easily adjust their delivery schedules. With less work, employees can focus on more valuable tasks. By eliminating tedious tasks and boosting productivity, delivery teams can increase the speed of fulfillment by as much as two days. The software will even help businesses plan ahead for unexpected events that may occur.

Logistic Delivery System by Clickoot

Whether you are a retailer or a vendor, Clickoot’s online Logistic delivery system can connect your business with the right logistics companies. The Clickoot vendor dashboard integrates with your existing order management system, so you can easily assign orders to a logistics company. You can even generate unique QR codes for your orders that will be tracked by Clickoot.


OptimoRoute is incredibly flexible, allowing businesses to plan routes and optimize delivery times in a matter of seconds. The technology uses advanced algorithms to plan routes that maximize efficiency and minimize cost. It also includes real-time tracking and driver performance statistics. With a few clicks of a button, you can set up a route to fit your specific requirements, and OptimoRoute will automatically generate an optimal plan for you.

OptimoRoute is based on web-based transportation management technology, providing an online ordering system and customizable web and mobile apps to manage delivery partners. It also uses real-time data to generate accurate schedules and automatically assigns tasks to drivers. You can even get real-time reports for your fleet managers.

Clickoot’s OptimoRoute system can optimize the delivery process for businesses by eliminating the need for manual paperwork and human error. It also helps businesses reduce fuel costs and enhance customer satisfaction by implementing geofencing and optimizing routes. Furthermore, it also helps manage driver performance, including record-keeping and driver chat capabilities.

Another online logistics delivery system by Clickoot, FarEye, is a BPM-based platform that empowers delivery system managers and agents with intelligent decision-making. The software also allows you to plan shifts up to five weeks in advance. This minimizes the risk of missed deliveries and eliminates the need for drivers to call in sick. It also helps schedule breaks for drivers automatically. Apart from automating delivery processes, this software can help your business save fuel by optimizing delivery times.

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