How to Build Food Delivery App

How to Build Food Delivery App

Ubereats is an online food delivery app that enables people to order food from their favorite restaurants. It has over 700,000 partners and delivers in more than 6,000 cities across 45 countries. If you have a good idea for a mobile food ordering company but don’t know where to start, this blog post will walk you through the process of building your Ubereats-like app.

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What is Ubereats?

Uber Eats is a meal ordering and delivery service that Uber introduced in 2014. Users can use an iOS or Android app or a web browser to read menus, reviews, ratings, place orders, and pay for food at participating restaurants. Users can also leave delivery tips.

Select a Food Delivery Model

Before developing apps like Ubereats, you need first to know the two primary types of food delivery models offered by food delivery app development services and decide which best fits your goals and needs.

Restaurant Model

This food delivery app is more suited for food stores and restaurants that want to build a mobile app or ordering/delivery system exclusive to their brand.

The Aggregator

This food delivery model is a platform that brings together both the restaurants and the customers. Ubereats is a good example of this model.

Ubereats clone app development is creating an aggregator type of food delivery app that allows customers to place their food orders online and restaurants to prepare and complete orders without any support from the restaurants or stores in terms of delivery.

Customer App:

As the name suggests, the customer ubereats clone app is developed for customer use. The customers will use this app to find restaurants nearby, look for available recipes, and place their orders. The app also contains the customers’ information, including their address and contact details.

The customer Ubereat clone script usually includes features like:

• Login

• Menu or store finder

• Delivery method options

• Add to cart

• Order cancellation

• Make payment

• Order tracking

• Review order

• Rating and review

• Email notification

• Payment integration

• Customer support

• Restaurant App

This app is intended to use your partner restaurants and food stores. Here, your respective partner restaurants and food stores can see the orders placed by the customers and process them accordingly. It is also where the restaurants add their information, including the products they offer and their respective prices, menu details, and promo codes.

The restaurant/store app typically includes features like:

• Login

• Push notification

• Dashboard

• Track the order

• Menu management

• Receive payment

• Feedback management

• Post content

Delivery Boy App

This app is specially designed for delivery personnel. The app allows them to see the orders and the customer’s delivery address. The app will also send notifications to the assigned or available rider or delivery man when incoming orders are already set for delivery.

If you want to develop an app like Ubereats, your delivery boy app should include these essential features:

Delivery personnel registration panel

• Notifications

• View earnings

• Customer identification

• Availability setting

• In-app navigation

• Profile management

• Help & support

• Real-time tracking

• Real-time requests

• Payment history

• Order history

• Manage orders

• Accept or reject orders

Admin Panel

This app is designed for easy management of the entire food delivery platform. It is mostly only made available for authorized admin personnel. You and your team can see everything going on within the system and control other features through the admin panel. For instance, you can use the admin panel to ban, remove, or add users and partner restaurants or food stores.

The admin panel includes features like:

• Admin login

• Assistance desk

• Payment management

• Application management

• Restaurant management

• Discount offers, promos, and coupons

Each of these apps has its Ubereats clone script and features. You can opt to add or remove features based on your preferences or requirements.

How to make your food delivery app successful

Your partner restaurants and customers share the same level of importance to your business. And so is your delivery team. However, since the main focus of your business is to provide food delivery services, let us take a look at some of the helpful tips that will make your food delivery app as successful as Ubereats.

• Provide different delivery options and payment methods.

• Launch attractive deals, promos, special discounts, and coupons.

• Offering discount incentives or loyalty programs can also help you keep your current customers and attract new potential users.

• Invest in timely, responsive, and friendly customer support.

• Advertise your food delivery service using different media.

• Add new order placing channels other than your food delivery app. You can use other platforms like social media and websites for this purpose.

• Offer shorter but realizable delivery time.

• Ensure data security.

• Offer different login options like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and email.

• Make the registration process short and straight to the point.

• Build your food delivery app with convenience and ease of use in mind.

Last Words

You don’t have to own a restaurant or a food chain store to start a food delivery business. You can even create a home-based food business on your own and start preparing your recipes and products from your kitchen. Or partner with different restaurants, cafes, snack bars, and other food business brands in your locality and offer food delivery services to customers within your community. You can consider the Ubereats Clone model.

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