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No, not just any other saree; today I stocked my inventory with pieces from ChanderiBanarasi’s most recent collection. The soft and delicate artwork on the most recent collection, while not particularly remarkable, is likely to take your breath away.

Hey, that’s not a pitch for a product. I just can’t help myself from using such obscene language since I am so utterly in love with my most recent collection. When you browse our online selection of chanderi banarasi sarees, I’m confident you’ll experience the same way I did.

But to the point: do you have any suggestions for getting a chanderi banarasi saree party or festival ready? Let me lead you on a fun trip to learn how to properly drape a chanderi banarasi saree.

Avoid bulky jewellery and go for bold statements instead.

Oh sure, this is the one that truly captivated my attention. Say no to the unusual and hefty jewellery and yes to the bold pieces. Like a sizable kundanjhumka, a lengthy necklace with enormous pendant and tassels, or just the maangtika as the headgear with no further decorations.

Priyanka Chopra wearing a long necklace and a banarasi at an event

Do these fashion statements for your Chanderi banarasi silk saree make you want to explore new ideas or do they make you want to pout even more?

Complement with bracelets and gajras.

You can definitely dress up your chanderi banarasi saree appearance with the customary South Indian flair. Put on a lot of bracelets or maybe one wristlet in each hand, and top it off with a new mogragajra.

Consider the Anklets

Yes, yet another South Indian fashion notion. Anyhow, trying out those anklets won’t be a terrible idea. These days, people’s attention spans are dispersed, so if you try to decorate your drape with something novel, like a foot accessory, they will undoubtedly draw notice to you.

To Steal the Heart, Bindi

No, I’m not referring to the heavily embellished bindis; instead, I’m referring to the straightforward contrast-colorbindis for your chanderi banarasi silk sarees online that you purchased online.

That’s all, then!

Hey beauties and divas, if you have time, you should also look at Rekha’s fashion statements. She still epitomises how to wear traditional draperies in the most edgy and bold way possible in today’s society. In any case, she cannot fail. I’ll soon write a blog post on her fashion adventures. Reading it will be great.