How Modern World Created a New Form of Examination?

The traditional ways of examinations are being implemented, and offline examination is being replaced by computerized examinations. The major factor behind the replacement of exams is majorly the “Covid factor.”. Covid put all the exam conducting bodies in trouble. It is not as easy as it seems. It is a huge task. It does not only require manpower but also security devices that monitor the perimeter vigilantly. Modern examinations have offered smoothness, reliability, and security. That is the main reason that candidates are preferring online examinations more than offline exams. Here we will cover all the aspects of the exams and their security. 

At the present moment, conducting exams without the assistance of adequate security measures is difficult. For the smooth functioning of tests, we always require a robust surveillance system behind our backs. Every year, a large number of young people in India take competitive exams. With our continually growing population, it is difficult to fully monitor test security without the assistance of exam infrastructure suppliers. Exam infrastructure suppliers offer comprehensive support for both offline and online exams, as well as computer-based exams. Exam conducting bodies can’t afford to buy/rent all of the protective measures for multiple facilities, which is why they engage exam infrastructure, service providers. 

Computer-based Exams

Computer based examinations are one of the most effective methods of administering tests. While this is not a novel method, many individuals are unfamiliar with computer-based assessment. This is an excellent substitute for paper-based tests. In the world’s ups and downs, computer-based tests are an excellent option to continue assessments in this instance. This enables you to handle any hurdles during offline assessments. Additionally, exam infrastructure companies provide proprietary software that is utilized in online exams. Computer-based exams have opened many doors for candidates as well as exam conducting organizations. Also, CBE is not easy to conduct because it also needs security. The probability of theft is in every examination, whether it’s offline or online exams. So, to ensure security in exams, the need for security solutions like biometrics scan solution and frisking machines is a must. Let’s have a quick look at security aspects that help to ensure safety in exams. 

Role of Biometrics During Exams 

Biometrics is a completely computerized, secure, and unbiased method. It also contains correct information about the contestants. Face recognition, hand geometry identification, and iris recognition are just a few examples of biometrics that might help protect tests against fraud. This may be utilized in both offline and online tests, but the organization must decide.

Face recognition: This is a very efficient kind of biometric. It scans the face and analyses the details. This is a cheap technology that can be used at examination centers easily and can be used in internet-based examinations too, as it is the major way to prevent malicious activities. It is easy to breach the code of conduct given by the examination authority, that is why most of the time, home-based online exams require biometrics. So, the face recognition system helps protect against mischievous activities.

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Fingerprint biometrics: The biometric technology of biometric authentication is widely utilized. Fingerprint authentication is very accurate and non-interfering. It is the most sophisticated and evolved technology. In most cases, fingerprint biometrics are used in online tests. Fingerprint biometrics can be used to quickly detect objects, preserve data, and safeguard it from misuse. Typically, these biometrics are employed in business settings to track staff attendance.

The biggest downfall of the assessment system is that it does not upgrade regularly. Dishonesty in exams is getting increasingly frequent in India these days. With the help of “exam infra providing agencies,” organizations need to follow the required procedures and handle test security effectively.

Organizations that provide examination support for students in a variety of contexts, not just competitive or offline assessments. They have extensive experience in this field and are equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. As already said, today we are experiencing an outbreak, and as a result, the method in which tests are conducted has shifted. The traditional test format is being phased out in favor of a new type of evaluation termed “computer-based exams.”


Recruitment on a huge scale is challenging to organize. It will always demand a team of seasoned professionals that are knowledgeable about all facets of the recruiting process. Whether administering exams or a university recruiting procedure, administering authorities always require a team to do the task. As a consequence, the need for infrastructure-provider agencies becomes apparent. These companies provide comprehensive test security solutions as well as university recruitment solutions. Since we have explored all of the critical aspects of exam safety, we have concluded. Thus, we can say that the modern world is offering many opportunities and it is a positive change for the coming generations. All thanks to the technology and exam infrastructure providers. 

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