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How Bigo is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Today’s world is witnessing a new era of watching videos. Nowadays, people favor more online video content than cables and satellite cables. This is the reason why video content streaming has become so popular throughout the world. Everywhere we see, people are holding their smartphones with their headphones on and watching their favorite shows, episodes, events, live events, sports, and other contents online. Whatever we get to see around us is present in the virtual mode too. People can watch all their favorite shows anytime and from anywhere on digital platforms. These are easy to access and charge a minimum amount. Some of them are available free of cost. Thus, giving the benefit of watching video contents even while transporting. All these have given rise to these platforms that provide video content.  We provide best bigo solution.

The generation of OTT platforms

In India, too, there are a dozen OTT platforms that provide hundreds of shows, events, series, sports, news, and other video content. It is growing with each passing day. Many new generation Indians prefer online streaming rather than traditional cable or downloading options. When it first started in India, there was only a handful of web series that were available on OTT platforms. With each passing year, it gained more and more popularity, and the makers/producers found it much more profitable than the other forms of video content. They started creating original content for each OTT platform. Each one of them is creating dozens of original web series covering several genres. To learn more about the bingo game software, c++ bingo game source code, you can visit the website.

Online platforms and live streaming content are also benefiting from this change to OTT. This is creating much more income opportunities for many people. Starting from new actors and actresses, micro entertainers to big entrepreneurs in this industry, they are making millions of dollars. New actors and actresses are getting jobs in web series. 

Bigo in the world of OTT

Bigo is one such company that is reaping the benefits of the popularity of OTT platforms. It plays the same role as live streaming video content. The technology used by bigo has changed a lot since it was launched in Singapore in the year 2014. Even the c++ bingo game source code is using the latest techs. 

BIGO LIVE was the first version of a product that was launched in 2016, which became a hit in Thailand and secured the first position in the App Store. The second product was LIKEE, which was earlier known as a video. It was launched in 2017, and similarly, like Bigo Life, it gained a lot of popularity and received the best app title on the Google Play store. 

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BIGO Live took over the Indian market soon. At first, it broadcasted shows with onboarding singers, dancers, and other entertainers. However, now it also shows programs related to education learning, MC rappers, and other professional user-generated content. The same type of trends was also seen in Professional Bingo Caller Software

Bigo provides its video streaming services not only in India and Singapore only. Its operations are spread over more than 150 countries. Not only its services but also bigo has established 20 business offices worldwide. This shows how bigo is gaining popularity in the international market. 

User base

Bigo Technology has proved its efficiency in the world. This can be seen from their user base. It has more than 400 million users from around the globe who access the app every month. Both the applications that are bigo live and like have a combined monthly active user of 78.9 million worldwide. This figure is increasing day by day. It has shown a significant rise in the number of users as compared to the previous years. Moreover, there is no doubt that both the apps of bigo technology are being preferred by more and more people each year. Here you can learn more, about the bingo game software, c++ bingo game source code.  

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Being a software concern, bigo invests a huge amount in the research and development of its products and services. One of the largest areas that make the foundation for bigo technology is its artificial intelligence. They have a full team of engineers that focuses only on its research and development projects. The total global team counts to almost 3000 people. It is said by the heads of bigo technology that it uses one of the strongest artificial intelligence technologies in the world to cope up with the recent changes and modifications. Artificial intelligence is the foundation of bigo technology. Be it voice processing, facial recognition, image recognition, or video intelligence, artificial intelligence is present in every corner, and each form in this system. 

AI used by Bigo Technology

The artificial intelligence used by bigo technology has proved its strength in multiple ways. It is gameplay for the AI to detect any negative content present in the system. It’s worth is not restricted to the only detection of negative contents. Within 60 seconds, artificial intelligence can issue a ban on these. According to bigo technology officials, artificial intelligence creates a healthy online environment for the users in India. You can learn more, about the bingo game software, c++ bingo game source code here. 

Bigo technology Is excelling not only in the artificial intelligence feature but also has grown a lot when it comes to machine learning. Through this system, the application or platform can learn the tastes and preferences of the users and, later on, present with much more personalized video content. This is much similar to Google and YouTube, where we get recommendations of videos based on the types that we watch. 

To excel among all global artificial intelligence players, bigo technology has established research and development institutions and centres in various countries and regions. The main Research Center is situated in its headquarter in Singapore. Other countries like the US, China, and the MENA region also have BIGO’s research and development centres. 


The extensive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has proved its futuristic vision. It is building a path to reach the MNC network. It aims to provide all kinds of video streaming content to every kind of user throughout the world. To get many more graduates in the vast topic of AI, bigo technology is supporting various universities from around the world through its scholarship opportunities. To learn more about the various scholarship opportunities, you can visit here. You can even get information about the bingo game software and c++ bingo game source code.

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