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How Are Multi-Service Business Models Benefited Through Apps like Gojek?

Many service apps come and go. But the success of multi-service apps like Gojek is evident, and we see it grow every day. Both the users and entrepreneurs have been benefited through multi-service app development. 

Here let us focus on how the Multi-service business model benefits the entrepreneurs in terms of business activity. 

The reason behind the success of Multi-service business

The Term multi-service itself says it has a wide range of opportunities to explore. And in that case, why won’t it be a successful business story?

Listed below are the few ultimatums that emphasize the Multi-service business as a profitable avenue. 

  • The business frame of on-demand services is massive. Instead of rendering a single on-demand service, a multi-service business has a broader and quicker outreach comparatively. In the proposition, the range for multi-service businesses is also high in the market as they focus on rendering similar services through a single interface. 
  • Unlike single stream business, the multi-service business has a wider range of possibilities to explore on revenues. They have multiple sources of income that ensure flow one way or the other. And most of the time, there will be increased revenue flow with the business growth. 
  • The users are benefited in terms of convenience. This helps in increasing the market of the app by word of mouth. And it ensures to boost the visibility among the local and international audience of the business. 

Multi-service business satisfies in terms of the user base, profit, and outreach, best suggested as the pillars of the business. And thereby, to grow your business, trying out this model can help you boost the performance. 

One app solution for your Multi-service business

To boost the business, bringing in new strategies is an effective solution. That way, expanding your Multi-service business, developing app like Gojek can be the best-suggested solution. 

You may think, why apps without any other alternative?

With technological improvements, mobile apps are emerging as the best solution for entrepreneurs to boost their business activities in the global niche. Through mobile apps, it’s convenient for users and service providers to ease communication, connection, and service. As the app facilitates features to modify according to the business’s convenience, managing and analyzing the performance of the same is eased. 

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As a business entrepreneur operating in a different niche, your customers will look for one solution to avail the needs irrespective of the quality service you offer from separate locations. Similarly, instead of carrying out your businesses on different platforms, provide your users a single solution to prioritize you by developing your exclusive Multi-service app. 

MVP features of Multi-service App

  1. Social media login – The users can be provided with an easy and quick social media login facility to register in the app and get verified.
  2. Schedule ordering – Options to schedule appointments must be availed. This can help in planning, and the users can choose a convenient time  with that of the service provider. 
  3. Fare calculator – When providing any on-demand service, the app provides fare estimation, the user can take a call, which also increases the app’s credibility.
  4. Time estimation – This feature can suggest the users with the average time for the service provider to reach the destination. And in some cases, the user can also be provided with an approximate time period taken to complete the service. 
  5. Location tracker – This eases the user, as it helps locate the driver in case of availing taxi service. And similarly also helpful in locating the other service providers to reach the location. 
  6. Service availability –Instead of wasting time behind a delayed service, the user can be informed in the app if the service listed is available for their convenience or not. 
  7. Service radius – Despite going global, the services will be split among the providers based on the ability. The app can provide details on the service radius of the facilitator to confirm services.
  8. Order history – The user can be provided with the record of service from which they have benefited via the app.
  9. Service history – The service provider, on the other hand, when provided with details on his services, helps him analyze his performance and calculate his incomes and earnings effectively. 

How do On-demand service apps ease Business flow?

When it comes to business, there are three categories correlating business and customer service. With On-demand multi-service apps like Gojek, they ease the business flow. 

  • Business to business – Here, the companies and brands indulge in working between them. The inside purchase and sales happen within the industry.
  • Business to consumer – This is the usual business model. The consumers are involved here, they make purchases, and the company sells them to them. 
  • Consumer to consumer – The buying and selling happen with the customers. Here the local trade is much concentrated. 

For a multi-service business, the B2B and B2C models are predominantly used. The C2C model is indirectly invaded into the business model carried out through apps like Gojek.

Benefits of launching Multi-Service app like Gojek

On-demand service apps are booming, and this pandemic is also benefiting them in their growth. With their multi-service facility, the user finds it convenient to avail of different services from a single interface.  

Listed below are the benefits of developing a Multi-service app like Gojek.

  • Pocket-friendly – Launching a multi-service app is a pocket-friendly solution. Entrepreneurs can conveniently offer their multiple services under one roof. Instead of waiting for hefty charges to develop apps for every service, they can easily impart their services and manage their business with this unique app model. 
  • Quick processing – Using on-demand service apps, users can get their service availed irrespective of time restrictions. And can easily make convenient arrangements accordingly. 
  • Suitable for all businesses – From services, delivery, and every other thing, it’s easy to encompass the business activity as one through multi-service apps. With the advanced technological improvements in the app, the entrepreneur can effortlessly carry out their business under one app in different entities. 

Final Verdict

By incorporating advanced technological improvements in your multi-service business app with a white label solution, it’s an efficient way to boost business activity. Here at INORU, we help you develop fully-featured multi-service apps with advanced improved solutions through scripting technology. 

Get to lead the table by developing a Multi-service app like Gojek to boost up your multi-service business. It promotes you to an advanced stand among your competitors. 

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