Health and Fitness Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

Health and Fitness Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

Have you figured out your business game but missed out on health in this journey? Or, you just started out towards working on your goal and find losing touch with maintaining fitness.  If you feel so, you are not alone and not bound. A successful entrepreneur is made up of a lot of factors, including health, and if you don’t feel it is something that describes you, this is your guide to becoming a healthy entrepreneur:

1. Healthy Eating and Improved Diet

Healthy eating and diet are nothing more than several right choices and conscious decisions. Being out and about takes a toll on health and makes eating healthy close to impossible. However, simple and small steps towards an improved diet can significantly impact one’s health in the long run. It can be as simple as cutting down on unprocessed sugar to doing keto.

2. Proper Rest and Relaxation

As an entrepreneur, we are obsessed with the unhealthy hustle culture. The romanticization of hustle culture has created a stereotypical image of entrepreneurs being productive at the cost of relaxation. However valid to some extent, the stereotype should be avoided at all possibilities. An average human body requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep to function normally. Lack of sleep has been associated with fatigue which impacts personal performance significantly. Added to it, it can cause long-term adverse impacts if continued.

3. Investing in Gym gear

With COVID-19 at its pace and the rise of work from home, gyms have become very unreliable. However, that shouldn’t stop the spirit of a healthy entrepreneur from working out. Buying some quality gym gear is one of the best investments one can make when seen over the long term. It helps save the commute or waiting time reduces the friction making you more likely to work out. Added to it is avoiding contact by anyone else, reducing the possibility of COVID-19.

4. Get a Standing desk

Entrepreneurs of the current day and era, specially digital-based entrepreneurs, live a sedentary lifestyle. They spend more time sitting than laying down and walking combined. And, furniture, regardless of comfort, forces them to be tied to a chair sitting. This adds to the stress towards the backbone, resulting in back pain. Standing at regular intervals might help reduce the chances of pain. However, it also negatively impacts your productivity because of being away from the desk. This is where a Standing desk might come as a savior for the healthy entrepreneur you are.

5. Hydrate enough

The human body is 60-70% water, essential for efficient functioning. On average, at least 3 to 4 liters of water should be consumed each day, depending on various factors. Dehydration impacts a person physically and mentally, draining every bit of energy. With an increase in water, the body is liable to release more fluid to release toxins. Alcohol and carbonated beverages impact the hydrated state of the body negatively hence making you more and more thirsty.

6. Create health systems

Having a proper system for health and fitness is one of the essential features of a healthy entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of uncertainty around planning a workday. And, amidst the plethora of work, we often end up compromising situations like back pain, hunched shoulders, etc. In case of back pain, start the day with yoga, then take a rest and go to a doctor depending on how severe the pain is.

7. Set a routine and stick to it.

Create an exercise routine according to your physique and goals. Try not to over commit and keep in mind your stamina and physical capacity. Make sure you stick to your plan and do not skip consecutive workout sessions. Being in routine consistently helps hit the right tracks one after another. Waking up early gives the motivation to eat healthy which helps build a habit of workout and maintain it. Once out of it, it becomes more difficult than it seems because of friction.

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8. Multitask in a healthy fashion

Entrepreneurs know how to make the most of their time by multitasking. Healthy Entrepreneurs know how to make it healthy. Often working late is accompanied by eating loads of greasy and oily food and excessive caffeine. Whereas it can be made healthy by eating fruits and drinking milk while working. Working is the essence of an entrepreneur and making it healthy is what makes an entrepreneur healthy. It can be accompanied by not just eating but also with working out. Taking phone calls while on a run, listening to audiobooks while working out are some examples of what can be healthy multitasking.

9. Meditate

As much as physical health is concerned, mental health is often neglected. However, no better than an entrepreneur can explain how a mental blockage impacts the overall productivity of an individual. The coordination of physical health along with mental health is often underrated. Meditation is one such mental exercise that helps calm down the mind and instill a sense of peace through the body. It helps boost emotional stability and plays a significant role in keeping discipline. Meditation can be done independently of place. It should be a part of daily routine not complex but just as a recollection or sorting of thoughts.

10. Establish boundaries.

Entrepreneurship comes with a big scope of opportunities, however over the course of time and experience, one realizes the importance of boundaries. Work-life balance is often considered idealistic and impractical however it is a daily life reality for a healthy entrepreneur. Excessive hours of work though result in a massive chunk of productivity but the unfavorable byproduct is fatigue. This is a consequence of not establishing boundaries. Boundaries and limits should be established to favor the entrepreneur, not a particular aspect of health or productivity. A perfect balance between both is required for a healthy entrepreneur.

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