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Gold Jewellery Pieces Modern Bride Must Invest In

Weddings have seen a drastic change in the last few years, and so are the brides. They are more practical than before and look to purchase things that are not just to show off but to be wearable in reality. The same is the case with gold Jewellery. Gone are the days when brides bought Jewellery sets or pieces that make their way in the family locker after the wedding functions. Modern brides of today search for jewelry pieces that are sleek and wearable in day-to-day life just like Melorra gold bracelets. So, this post will brief you about the gold Jewellery that is the right investment for you for your wedding like Melorra gold chains

Indo-western gold bracelet:

Whether it is chain bracelets, or a stack of gold bracelets, or bold broad ones with intricate design, it’s relaxed enough to wear daily and gorgeous enough to wear for dinner parties. The newly brides can style such bracelets with any kind of outfit— be it Indian or western. 

The Trendy Chain:

As basic as it sounds, there have been a lot of changes in the designs of the chain making it look intricate yet stylish because of the modern-looking designs. Whether you style it with a pendant or without, these gorgeous-looking chains have the power to create their standalone appearance, adding that charm to any and every outfit.

Contemporary Earrings:

Be it hoop, dangling or conventional, the contemporary-styled earrings are versatile to fit any mood and occasion. They will become the bride’s must-wear item daily without making their way to the locker. So, invest in a pair of earrings that suit your taste, personality and give you company wherever you plan to go with elegance. 

Gold Ring:

However conventional it may sound, an intricate gold ring in net design, or with diamonds or a gemstone, is graceful enough to match your newly bridal look. They say ‘less is more’ without screaming ‘I am the bride’. Such are the pieces a modern bride looks for to wear at dinner parties, festivals, and occasions in the new family. 


While the bracelet has its unique grace, don’t underestimate the power of bangles. Traditional yet contemporary, you can pair the gold bangle with western and Indian outfits. Thus, a trousseau is incomplete for the bride without a pair of beautiful gold bangles. The best part about this Jewellery piece is that even after years, it will never be outdated. 

Modern bridal set:

Picking a set that is sophisticated yet wearable is the right way to choose a modern bridal set. While choosing it, if the bridal set answers some of the questions then it is the right piece to pick and flaunt post-wedding. Questions like if I can wear it to a small function post-wedding, you can also wear them at someone’s wedding without overshadowing the actual bride, etc. 

If you love gold Jewellery but graceful, easy-to-wear, and always comfortable is your definition to it, the above pieces are the right ones to invest in for your wedding. Ditch the flashy and show-off heavy pieces and let these dainty ones do the talking. 

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