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Top Reasons to Buy a Readymade Gojek Clone Script in Malaysia

Buying a Ready-Made, Mature, Fully-Optimized and Market-Tested App means you are jumping straight to the Cover Page of Forbes Magazine for being the Most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022 in Malaysia!

Seems hard to digest, but don’t worry, the reality about App like Gojek is about to unfold right here, right now!


Avail more than 70 Services with just One Download

This App is the King!

Oh! The word King reminds me of the latest edition of Gojek Clone App– KingX 2022! Don’t miss checking out this amazing App.

With just one App Download and Installation, people can get to Book any On-Demand Service that they want. Book a Taxi Ride from your friend’s home to the library, get your car sanitized and waxed with the best Car Wash Service nearby, or hire your Big Day Make-up artist two weeks in advance.

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Quick Service Delivery

The App offers Doorstep Delivery of everything! Feeling hungry at 1 AM? Order your favorite 100% Beef Burger Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald’s. Your Burger will be delivered to your Doorstep within minutes of Placing the Order through the App.

An assorted Range of Features

Not only can you offer Multiple Services with just One App, but a range of Features for every version of the App – The Customer App, The Service Provider App, Website, and the Admin Panel. There are some latest features in the 2022 Edition like Video Consultation, Service-Bidding, App Login with FingerPrint for Android Users, and Face ID for iPhone Users. While there are some other existing yet mind-boggling features specifically designed for Protection and Prevention against Covid-19. Advanced search for Items and Service Providers, Taxi Booking using your iWatch App, etc.


Here are some pretty thrilling and enticing reasons telling why investing in a Pre-Built App is the right choice in Malaysia. However, the condition is that you get all these perks only if you’re purchasing it from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm.

100% White-Labeled Apps

An Experienced White-Labeling Firm will deliver a 100% Rebranded App to you in just 4 Days. They will rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo, change the Color Theme of the App and Website to match with the color of your Company’s Logo. The Firm will remove their name and all of their references from the Apps & Web Panels. So, no one in the world would come to know that this Licensed White-Labelling Firm has designed and coded your App! 

Instant Entry into the On-Demand Service Market

You can go live with your App in just 7 Business Days. This time is only taken to customize your App according to your Product Requirements. Thus, in the shortest period, you can start operating your Multi-Service On-Demand Business anywhere in the world, be it in the United States, Nigeria, or Indonesia.

More Profits with Investment of a Size of a Peanut

Purchasing a Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully-Optimized Gojek Clone App means you have already got the Fortune! With the App, you can make more Sales by offering Multiple-Services and yield more with its Profit-Centric Business Models – Commission-Based Model and Subscription Plan.

All this at what cost? A Smidgen of a Quarter of a Million Dollars!

You get to enjoy every ingredient that comes with the Package

The Pre-Built Apps come with the purchase of a Package. And just like how you enjoy your Happy Meal, you get to savor every ingredient with the Purchase of this Package. By making a One-Time-Investment you can sweep in benefits like:

  • The Firm will strictly adhere to the Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy by never disclosing anyone that the Firm has worked for you and will keep every conversation that ever happened between the two entities strictly confidential!
  • Integration of Preferred Language, Currency, and Payment Gateway.
  • Expansion of your App’s Online Presence with FREE Website installation.
  • Submission of your App on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei Store only if you want.
  • One-Year Free Support for Bugs that may show up in their Code
  • A Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain at no extra cost.


Want to become an Entrepreneur just by purchasing a Ready-Made, Ready-to-Launch, and On-Demand Multi Services App in Malaysia? Do you wish to start earning from Day 1 of the App Launch?

Contact a White-Labeling Firm with Industry Experience of at least a Decade and start making easy and quick money!

Call them ASAP!

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