Take Your Gojek Clone App A Step Ahead With The Latest App Features

This only means that our lives revolve around these Mobile Applications from various Categories – Entertainment & Music, Payment, Games, Books, News, etc. They are changing how people interact with these genres. But, the Pandemic shaped these Apps to another level of advancement. Now, the App Market is all about Gojek Clone App – One App, Multiple Services.


An App like Gojek is nothing less than a celebrity of all the Apps.  If you check one’s Smartphone, you’ll find multiple Apps installed for different Services and Purposes. However, most of these Apps would be installed to avail an On-Demand Service. 

With this App on your phone, you’d no longer need to install a hundred Apps because this Single Platform offers 70+ On-Demand Services like:  

  • Taxi/Moto Ride 
  • Food Delivery 
  • Grocery Delivery 
  • Medicine Delivery 
  • Beauty Services 
  • Car Wash 
  • Appointment with a Doctor

But, when you’re thinking of taking this App an edge above, that is when you’ll need to embed the most Interactive, Groundbreaking, and Dynamic Features. 

So, if you’re all ears about these features, then let’s just swoop into the Latest Gojek Clone App Features. 


Cutting-Edge Features of KINGX 2022 – The Big Brother of Gojek Clone 

KINGX 2022 is launched with Two Magnificent, Jaw-Dropping Features! 

Video Consultation

With this Feature on the App, Evelyn Brooks can consult One-On-One with a Pediatric for her Grandson’s Measles via In-App Online Video Calling Session. She’ll have to follow simple steps to Request Consultation with a Pediatric near a 4.5 Miles radius of her Residential Area. 

She has to open the App > Go to Doctors > Select Pediatricians 

A list of 5 stars rated Pediatricians nearby her Location will appear. Evelyn can compare their Profiles, check the Doctors Ratings & Reviews and then Request for an Instant Video Consultation or Schedule it for a later Date or Time. 


Kevin Reed and his wife are ready to welcome their twins in the 1st week of February. Both are excited and already have made plans to paint the Nursery. So, Kevin opens Gojek Clone and posts a job for Nursery Painting. The Form that he filled contained the following details: 

  • Job Type: Painting 
  • Job Specification: Nursery Painting 
  • Service Location: Jerome St, Florence, SC
  • Budget: US$1500
  • Preferred Date & Time: 9th January 2022

All the Painters near their homes got notified about this Job Post. Within 15 minutes, he got an In-App Push Notification that Patterson Painting and Repair are interested in the job, but not at US$1500. Thus, now Kevin and the interested entity can Accept, Reject, and Negotiate via the In-App Push Notifications only! 

Covid-19 Features – To Keep You Safe from This Life-Threatening Virus 

Ride Cancellation if either, Rider or Driver, doesn’t wear Face Mask

Alex Tucker wants to see his Uncle who has just returned home from the hospital after his Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery. He Books a Moto Ride through the App from Ponca City to Arkansas City, USA as he didn’t have enough Pocket Money! 

However, when the Moto Driver reached the Pickup location, Alex noticed that the Driver wasn’t wearing a Mask or a Helmet. He immediately cancels the Ride because he was concerned about seeing the Rising Covid-19 cases in the States – that reached 7,27,863 new cases as of 6the January 2022! 

Face Mask Verification of your Taxi Driver to Protect you from the threats of Virus

Harvey Davis got a Taxi Ride Request, but before he could start the Trip, he was asked to upload a Selfie. This Safety Essential feature is to ensure that the Taxi Driver is wearing the Face Mask. Harvey Submits the Selfie, and only upon the Admin’s Approval, he can start the Trip. 

This Feature has made it easy for the Riders to travel safely in a Taxi amid this havocking Coronavirus Outbreak! 


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