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Get Your Taxi Business In New Height With Uber Clone App

To reach New Heights means to provide something extra that’s as Fresh as a Daisy and as Wholesome as a Compliment! Can the Taxi Business Industry furnish such Ultra-Modern and Sustaining Merits to its Customers? Well, why not!? The Taxi Business Industry has the scope of imparting Value-Added Services to the Riders. That could make their Taxi Rides more than just Commuting!

With its Advanced Set of Newly Added Features, the Ride-Hailing Services App has the potential to serve the Taxi Riders with privileges. Such as Safety of Loved Ones, Secure Payment Transfer, Ease of Travelling, and Special Assistance. Let’s take a sneak-peek into how one can get at the Edge of Success with these Features –


Here’s a long-weekend for Lily Wilson and she decides to go on a trip to The Lakeview Hotel at Shanty Creek Resort, Michigan with her friends. She books a Taxi Ride of Chevrolet Equinox SUV using the Best Taxi App. She adds Lafayette Dr, Trenton, Michigan and Doc Sweets’ Candy Company as the Intermediate Stops to pick her friends and purchase a few confectionaries while en route. This way, she’s off to enjoying her Mini Vacation by hailing a Taxi Ride that lets her get things done without worrying about taking Multiple Road Trips.


With this feature of the Authentic Taxi App, Lily Wilson has the facility of Pausing the Taxi Ride to slow down and enjoy. Now that Lily has picked up her friends. She asks the Taxi Driver Tyler Brown to stop at the Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub. As Tyler Brown Pauses the Ride, Lily Wilson receives a Notification reading ‘Your Current Trip is kept on Hold by the Driver.’ By clicking OK on the notification box, Lily Wilson confirms the Pause Taken. She and her friends then enjoy a Sumptuous Meal of Two Napkin Beef Brisket Sandwich. Smoked Whitefish Spread, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Chicken Quesadilla, and Baker’s New York Style Cheesecake.

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Stella Wilson (Lily’s Mom) is worry about the Safety of Lily and her friends. So, while starting the Ride, Lily Wilson opens the Fully Customizable Uber Clone Application and taps on the Share Icon.  This way she is able to send her Live Location Link to Stella via Telegram. By clicking on the Link received, Stella can view the Real-Time Live Location of Lily Wilson’s Road Trip.


While reaching The Lakeview Hotel at Shanty Creek Resort, Lily Wilson realizes that she has forgotten her Card at home. She instantly opens her Customizable On-Demand Taxi Booking App and opts to Transfer the Payment via the In-App Wallet. She searches for Tyler Brown by using his Email ID tyler.brown@uola.com. Now, she adds US $30, the Total Ride Fare as the Transfer Amount and clicks on the ‘PAY’ button. She enters 7536 (The Verification Code) which she received on her Registered Mobile Number. To complete the Transaction in a much Quicker, Reliable, and Secure way.


Lily Wilson finally completes her Ride, and is highly satisfy with the decent conduct and behavior of Tyler. She wishes to have him again for her next Ride. After providing Trip and Safety Ratings to Tyler Brown, she marks him as a Favorite. So, now when she will request for the Taxi Ride again. If Tyler is found in the Request Radius Range then First Request Priority would be given to him.

This way, the Online Taxi Business Owners can serve their Riders with Additional. And Exceptional Features which would not only Lure them, but also Retain them. Hence, providing you the Competitive Advantage over others.


The key to reach the pinnacle of success is bridging in the market gaps of. What’s Available in the Market and What’s Actually Needed. For Taxi Ride Business, that bridge is the Uber Clone Taxi Dispatch System. Are you looking to touch new heights in the Taxi Business Industry? Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in you?? Well, then it’s High-Time that you get in touch with one of the Legit License White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute!!

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