Football Sports News Updates in Vietnam

Football fans in Vietnam can follow the latest football news and sports news on several different online websites. Some of these websites offer videos, articles, and live reporting on major international tournaments. Many of them also cover the Vietnamese national team, which is led by South Korean coach Park Hang-seo. He is widely considered to be the best coach in Vietnam’s history and has been successful at winning major international tournaments. Currently, the Vietnamese team is competing in the 2019 SEA Games.

YouSport 790

If you are a fan of football, YouSport 790 is the perfect place to get all the latest news in the sport. Their website features articles, live score updates, and betting games. They also have a calendar with upcoming events that you can follow. This Vietnamese sports website can also help you bet on the next big game in your favorite sport.

Another popular website for Vietnamese sports fans is YouSport 8X. This site features live scores, articles, video content, and prediction games, as well as live betting information and statistics. In addition to football, YouSport 8X also provides news on other sports, like soccer, basketball, tennis, and volleyball.


8Xbet is a leading sports, entertainment, and football information website in Vietnam. It provides daily updates on the latest happenings in the sports world and offers professional analysis, photos, and videos of the latest events. The team behind 8Xbet has years of experience and is committed to providing the best content possible.

The website features both live and archived coverage of major cá độ bóng đá news. It has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. It also offers expert commentary of all the major leagues and international competitions. There is also a search bar that enables users to find the information they need. The website also enables users to bet on their favorite games in a matter of minutes.


YeuTheThao is one of the most popular online Vietnamese sports news websites. This site specializes in football sports news and has extensive video content. It also features an interactive sports prediction game and a mobile app. While it focuses on football, it also covers numerous sports and provides detailed reports on major sporting events.

YeuTheThao offers a variety of sports news, including live scores, video content, and live commentary. It covers many different sports, including football, as well as basketball, tennis, and volleyball. There are also betting games available through the website, so it’s worth checking out the sports section for more information.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is a fast-growing website in Vietnam, which offers football news and updates. The site offers videos and articles covering the local, regional, and international levels. It also includes a calendar with upcoming events. Users can read updates in English or Vietnamese.

Xem the Thai 789 covers football news in Vietnam as well as all major soccer tournaments and international soccer matches. The website also offers e-sports coverage, which is an added bonus for football fans. Its reporters are vetted professionals who can keep up with the latest news from the world of football.

Ha Long Bay Heritage Marathon 2022

The Ha Long Bay Heritage Marathon, held on November 13, will feature a breathtaking seascape view as you run for 42 kilometres or half a marathon. There are also shorter distances available for the less ambitious: a 10-km run or a 2-km Fun Run. Runners will take on the iconic Bai Chay Bridge, the longest single span bridge in Southeast Asia, as the course takes them past picturesque points and coastal scenery.

The Halong Bay Heritage Marathon is the largest international running event in Vietnam. It is an event for both recreational and professional runners alike and attracts many international participants. There are a variety of checkpoints along the race course and VTV live reporting is available, as are professional commentators and photographers. The spectacular backdrop of Halong Bay makes this race an ideal weekend destination.

YouSport 8X

YouSport 8X is the leading sports website in Vietnam, delivering live reports and sports information on the major sporting events in the country. It also offers services such as ticket booking and refund management. This site specializes in football news, covering both world and club football. It offers live scores and is updated throughout the day. Users are also given the opportunity to participate in the site’s prediction game and win prizes.

Other than live reports, YouSport 8X also offers cá độ bóng đá, live betting games and sports news. Its live score updates and articles are available in Vietnamese and are written by vetted experts. It also offers refund management and ticket booking services, and it covers various sports, including tennis and basketball.

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