Everything You Know About Dream11 Clone Development

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dream11 Clone Development

What is the Dream 11?

In 2008, Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain created the fantasy sports software Dream 11, allowing users to form their own teams of 11 players (who may or may not be the same) and compete in tournaments.

A minor entry fee will be levied to the user once they have created their team and participated in a contest. Each participant’s registration fee is deposited into a common pot, from which prizes are distributed to the top finishers.

Each player receives points based on how well they do in the actual match. Points will be awarded if you select that player for your squad.

Your total points will be compared with those of the other contestants after the match is over. After Dream 11 has taken their 20 percent commission, the prize money goes to the winner and runner-up alike.

Create your own contests and ask your friends to compete against one other! Members of their team may also invite other people to join their endeavors.

The Dream 11 clone is a recreation of the original game.

You can use Dream11 clone app development to explain a ready-made script or solution to develop your own Fantasy sports app. The Dream 11 elements of the original program are already included in the application script.

How does the Dream 11 clone work?

Once you’ve produced an app like Dream 11 and published it on the play store and the App Store, you’ll need to target both Android and ios consumers.

First, let’s have a look at how the Dream 11 clone program functions:

A user’s email address and phone number can be used to sign up for the app. Logging in to their profile is possible once the registration process is complete. 

First-time signups will be rewarded with a monetary incentive.

Users will be taken to the dashboard after logging in. All of the app’s features may be accessed and controlled here.

In addition, users will be able to search for contests or create their own. They can now form a team to compete in the competitions. 

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The number of players on the team can range from seven to eleven (as you want). 

This means they’ll be able to buy players with almost 100 points. The more points a person purchases, the more expensive the player will be.

The user will be prompted to pay the tournament cost after completing and finalizing their fantasy squad. The user’s bank account will be drained of the tournament fee.

Users will be limited in the number of teams they may join and the amount of money they can make a per contest.

Afterward, the user can only hope that the players they’ve purchased perform well. If a player does well during the match, they will be awarded points for their efforts. Users with the most points at the end of the tournament will win, and their accounts will be credited with the winnings.

Creating a Dream11 Clone App has many advantages:

Legitimate App:

Cricket betting is banned in some places, such as India, which is a well-known reality. It is, however, permissible to bet on fantasy cricket software like Dream11. Users can also employ their sports knowledge and talents in their favorite games. The Dream11 app’s popularity can be attributed in large part to this. Dream11’s success in India isn’t a surprise because of the country’s large cricket fan base.

Unique Business:

Fantasy sports apps like Dream11 are still a novel idea. Dream11 will keep you out of the competition if you design an app like it. In addition, there are just a few apps in the app store that deals with this idea. As a result, you’ll be able to expand your business by creating a Dream11 clone app quickly.

Infinite Variety:

There will be a lot of interest in cricket events all year long. IPL (Indian Premier League), The Ashes test, ODI matches, and Test matches, as well as T20 competitions, are just a few of the many cricket tournaments that are regularly held. As a result, the demand for an app like Dream11 will remain high at all times because users’ interest in this type of app will never wane.


Fantasy sports apps like Dream11 have a promising future; there’s no denying it. The need for Dream11 clone app creation is expected to rise by 30 percent in the next five years. The ideal way to develop a sports betting app using a Dream11 clone script is to check out Leading dream11 clone app development company. Developing a fantasy sports app’s app and website will be no easy undertaking. We at AIS Technolabs, the premier fantasy sports betting app/website development business, are well-versed in the production of feature-rich and high-performing Dream11 Clone Apps for Android and ios platforms, as well as a website.

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