Electric Grass Cutting Machine

Electric Grass Cutting Machine Equipment & Maintenance

Most people avoid garden maintenance and Electric Grass Cutting Machine. This tedious and time-consuming task requires gardening, pruning, hedge trimming, weed management, and dealing with pests. However, it is necessary to maintain their property.

It is easy to forget about regular maintenance of Electric Grass Cutting Machine. However, while ten services per year might sound enough, an overgrowth can mean more work for your equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that you trim your trees, hedges, and lawns at least 18 times per calendar year.

What to Search for in a Grass Cutter

The most common problem with maintaining your property is the equipment you use. If you keep your equipment and don’t overload it, cheap equipment will last up to a year. Maintaining your equipment’s health includes changing the oil and cleaning the filters. It also involves keeping the blades sharp by changing the oil regularly. This will significantly increase the life expectancy of the equipment.

Many styles are available, so finding the right mower can be challenging. Trustworthy brands are recommended. You can get years of use out of your equipment if you invest in quality and reliable equipment of Electric Grass Cutting Machine.

Other factors to be considered include:

Lawn Size

First, determine how large your lawn is. Buying a lawnmower with too many tasks and small size to mow large yards is not a good idea.


Different terrains require different mowers. For example, are you able to maintain a flat, clear garden? Are there any hills or obstacles? You can use a regular lawnmower for lawns that are flat and straight. However, a handheld cutter may be necessary if you cut small areas, such as around curbs or pillars, with your handheld mower.

Power Supply

Two main options for powering a lawnmower are petrol and electricity. While gas mowers have more power and can last for the whole time of your mowing session, maintenance is more difficult. In addition, these machines often come with a pull cord, making them difficult to use.

While cordless electric mowers are quieter, more efficient, and easier to use, they can’t run for as long as a charge and are less powerful. In addition, while corded electric mowers have an unlimited run time, some people need help to mow with a cord behind them.

Clippings for Grass

There are many ways lawnmowers can deal with grass clippings. Side discharging mowers are the most popular type. These mowers leave grass clippings in the yard to act as fertilizer as it breaks down. Some clippings, however, can be thick and clumped up. This has the opposite effect. Therefore, you will need to rake these clippings.

An attached bag is another option. Although they are more costly, these mowers can save time and effort by not raking your yard.

What we use

Surf N Turf Mowing uses the Stihl combi system, which includes additional attachments such as the hedge trimmer and edger, chainsaw, whipper snipper, and chainsaw. This allows us to prune small trees, maintain hedges easily, and whipper snipes our properties. For smaller jobs, we also use a handheld trimmer.

We use a Honda self-propelled lawn mower that is commercial-grade for small- to medium-sized lawns. A 42-inch Toro zero-turn mower is used for larger properties.

We stick with the same brands to save money on maintenance and spare parts. However, we recommend getting to know your local mower shop for great advice and assistance in purchasing the right equipment.

Professional Lawn Mowing Services

Surf N Turf Mowing provides a wide range of professional lawn care services for residential and commercial properties. We can do everything from a one-time benefit to regular weekly or monthly maintenance and take all the stress out of lawn care. Contact us today!

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