Beware of this copycat, anonymous website collecting your money and your data

By Elizabeth Noor

I feel compelled to write this article because of the utmost respect I have for journalist and activist, Mr. Brian A. Wilkins. My experience in the SEO and journalism industries are also why I’m compelled to write this article. 

Mr. Wilkins is the founder of The COVID Blog, a website that went live in January 2021. He’s been on the frontline covering the atrocities related to COVID-19 vaccines, mandates, etc. I felt compelled to support his endeavor not only because of his bravery in putting himself out there like he does, but because he literally saved my life. There is a 100% chance I would have been vaccinated if I did not find his website back in February. I’ve since spread his work to as many people as possible, hoping I can pay it forward to the next soul who had no idea what was really going on with the entire COVID-19 agenda. 

The COVID Blog is the best source for real news regarding vaccines and COVID-19. It is in the top 100,000 Alexa websites by traffic in the world. Most links to the site are censored by Facebook, Google and Twitter, which is a badge of honor. Each article is well-researched, detailed and provides perspective on broader issues. In other words, Mr. Wilkins built this website into what it is without the help of social media and big tech, a major feat in 2021. His journalistic ability made the site a success. 

Now his website structure, theme and content is being copied, plagiarized and mocked by an anonymous news aggregation site that is making money for some unknown person or entity. 

What is

The Covid World ( first came online on August 13, 2021, according to Whois records. 

The owners front-loaded hundreds of articles into the site in August, to make it look like the site has been active for much longer than it really has. Most regular people don’t know how to check Whois records, nor would they even think to check said information. Note how the name of this website is very similar to The COVID Blog. But that’s not all that is similar. If you visit the site, it looks almost exactly like The COVID Blog, uses the exact headline format of The COVID Blog, same scrolling news update bar on top, and even plagiarizes parts of stories published on The COVID Blog. 

Take the story of Camilla Canepa. The COVID Blog posted an article on June 13. Here is an excerpt from it.

The Covid World posted a story on Camilla on October 16. It slightly changed some of the wording from The COVID Blog content and passed it off as its own.

The Covid World site also recently added the exact same comments app that The COVID Blog uses. It is essentially trying to fool people into thinking that its site and The COVID Blog are one in the same. They definitely are not.

The Covid World packs its website with headlines, videos and story briefs with no context. Many of the posts on the site are simply headlines and a video. The average length of an actual article is about 150 words. Granted credit must be given for this hustle. It is a great way to quickly gain domain authority, particularly by copying the blueprint of The COVID Blog, which is organically successful. But who owns The COVID World?

Anonymous website for sale

I emailed several addresses listed on The Covid World website. But nobody ever responded to the simple questions “who runs this website?” and “who owns this website?” I did some research and found a few patterns when trying to identify the site owner. Someone named “Ibrahim” posts a lot of comments on other websites, including Reddit, promoting The Covid World. The email address associated with Ibrahim is BigWillie164 at Hotmail. That person also did not respond to my emails. I also noticed that after I visited the site, I’d see Amazon and Google ads for pharmaceutical companies everywhere.

Everyone has the right to earn a living, even if it’s unethical, dishonest and disingenuous. But there’s a lot of suspicion surrounding The Covid World. The site frequently reposts an article entitled “We need your help.” It solicits donations. The site previously only accepted anonymous cryptocurrency donations. But it recently (two weeks ago) added the DonorBox app which is tied to a PayPal account. But DonorBox masks the actual identity of the person who owns the PayPal. The first iteration of the “We Need Your Help” article contained this line (screenshot below):

“I hope you understand why I am keeping my identity confidential and why I can only accept cryptocurrency.”

That line has since been removed. Also, the domain is currently listed for sale by the owner on GoDaddy for $1,800. That means anybody with $1,800 can buy the domain right now. 

Why would an honest website covering such an important topic want to quickly make $1,800 instead of keeping the site active and live? It’s akin to flipping a home.


The owners of The Covid World refuse to identify themselves and go to great lengths to keep their identities anonymous. In today’s world of deceit, lies and controlled opposition, this is quite worrisome. Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with grifting and quick profits if that’s your thing. But at least have some courage and honor, and tell everyone who you are. The secrecy conveys deception and ulterior motives unrelated to covering a very important topic.

The good news is that journalism is prevailing. We’re seeing the difference between true journalism (The COVID Blog) versus an anonymous, copycat news aggregator seeking profit. The Covid World strikes me as controlled opposition. Hats off to Mr. Wilkins for his work. A woman named Angela Bininger is doing similar good, brave work. Hats off to her as well, as she also contributed to saving my life. 

And to The Covid World, identify yourself immediately if you truly care about the cause and want respect among those courageously fighting against the machine.


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