Common staffing mistakes

Common staffing mistakes that might be stopping from building ideal workforce

Most people consider staffing as trivial interviewing applicants and then handing the offer letter to the selected candidates. However, staffing is much more than sitting in a room with applicants and throwing questions after one another. 

Staffing begins with recruitment and ends with induction and many things go on between these two stages. A single mistake at any stage of staffing can create leaks. And it might make the job positions unappealing to the candidates. In the worst-case scenario, you might end up filling the vacancies with misfits. 

The foundation of staffing is laid during the initial stage where both the job specification and description are decided. On one side, the job description lists the activities that need to be carried out by the position while on the other side, the job specification describes the skills, characteristics. And qualifications required for the job. 

All the companies that know they are not good at staffing work with staffing agencies in India for dealing with the loopholes and streamlining the process. Although, working with staffing agencies in India might act as a panacea for all your staffing issues but still, you should be aware of the blunders you might be making while trying to hire the cream of the crop. 

Creating a hasty job description 

The most common mistake recruiters make during staffing is coming up with a vague job description. Before even you venture out to find the best candidates, you should be clear about what you want. Your hunting for the best candidates should always begin with stating a clear view of the job, expectations, and tasks. 

When you are clear about the job description, you are more focused on finding the ideal candidate with the qualifications, and skills you need. Right from the personality traits to the specific skill sets you are looking for, everything should be mentioned in the job description otherwise, rather than searching from a pool of deserving candidates, you will be dealing with misfits only. 

A job description that is too short or hasty results in an inundation of applicants that are not fit for the job. And if you are dealing with a similar kind of issue, it is a better approach to outsource an IT staffing firm.

Jostling through the interview process

Unless you are not on a strict deadline to fill a specific position, there is no need to rush through the interview process. Go through the resumes of every candidate, build a list of appropriate questions. And when you sit down with the applicant, try to analyze his perception, skills. And personality from every possible aspect. You should also take time to do a background check. 

When you rush through the interview, you overlook the red flags like grammatical errors. And typographical mistakes on the resumes, lack of dedication, laid-back approach, arriving late at the interview, and much more. 

If you wish to weed out the misfits from talented applicants, you must dedicate time. And effort to the interview process. And if you don’t have enough time to conduct thorough interviews, you should outsource an IT staffing firm. 

Hiring just for fit

The fit could have different meanings when it comes to staffing. It can mean sex, gender, age group, or personality. It could also mean how you feel about the candidate during the interview or group discussion. Doesn’t matter what the meaning of fit is for you during staffing, you are always going to miss out on a lot of candidates just because you thought they were not fit for the job. 

In many instances, companies seem to ignore a qualified. And skilled candidate just because the recruiters have some kind of baseless bias. If you are always going to look for a perfect candidate rather than a candidate who is eager to learn and grow, filling a single vacancy can take you months. 

When you choose to outsource an IT staffing company, they make sure that not even a single deserving candidate slips through because of vague concepts like a perfect fit. This is the reason why deciding to outsource an IT staffing company is considered a much better approach. 

Overselling the role

In the rush of attracting the best candidates, sometimes recruiters oversell the role. Aggrandizing roles simply mean you are promising things that don’t exist. And this might work to attract more candidates but you won’t be able to hold on to those candidates for long. Soon after joining your company, they will come to know about the bitter truth and false promises. And they will resign immediately. 

This will not only lose a good candidate but will also ruin your reputation as a recruiter in the market. Some best IT staffing companies in India always try to be as practical and realistic as possible while selling the role to candidates. And that’s why the best IT staffing companies in India are so good at staffing. 

Staffing is a time-consuming process and there are many loopholes, pitfalls, and aspects one needs to take care of. If your HR department lacks the skill required to conduct staffing in its perfect form, your workforce will always lack good candidates. And thus your growth will be hampered. So, either streamline your staffing procedure or work with the best IT staffing companies.

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