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Before You Hire a Mold Inspector, Explore Everything You Need to Know

Water damage in the home can lead to mold growth, which is why mold inspections are so important. Because mold is found in almost every property, its inspection determines the cause of it thoroughly. A perfect inspection can make the job of cleaning molds a lot easier. 

Mold inspection is not a unique service. But the catch is since it is so prevalent the chances of you hiring a bad plumbing firm is astronomical. This is why knowing about molds, how molds grow, how to detect them, and how to prevent them helps a lot. This article focuses on the knowledge you will need to hire a good mold inspector.  

What is mold anyway

Fungi that flourish in damp environments are known as Molds or mildew. Wood goods, ceiling tiles, cardboard, wallpaper, carpets, drywall, cloth, plants, food, insulation, decaying leaves, and other organic materials are all susceptible to mildew and molds. Molds, both in our houses and on our bodies, are an issue because of their ability to decompose organic things. 

Symptoms to look out for:

If there is mold present a musty, earthy odor will dominate the room.

Places that do not have light but a lot of moisture are susceptibles. So if you find any oddity it is better to call experts. 

Whatever material it is growing on appears to warp, crack, or peel. 

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Mold will continue to spread if left unchecked. Cleansing will not remove dirt and stains that have been there for a long time. 

If it is mold inhaling it accidentally will have allergy-like symptoms like runny nose, irritation, coughing, and sore throat.  

 Mold inspection procedure

Mold inspection is done through  for:

  • Moisture mapping for hidden leaks
  • A sampling of air and surface materials
  • A search in the HVAC system for molds
  • Video camera inspection inside walls, attics, basements, and other hidden areas 
  • Chemical inspection for hidden molds

Every inspection is unique, some cover the entire property others small areas. Usually, after severe water damage, your property is highly susceptible to mold growth. A seasoned expert will go through every possible step to ensure there are no molds in your property. However, always keeps your eyes and nose open for symptoms of mold growth in your property. If any unusual mold growth happens call a plumbing Professional for inspection and removal of the mold. 


Expenses depend on your property type and size. Some variation in pricing can also happen due to the design of your house. But all in all, it remains pretty affordable if you contact the right companies. A 2000-2500 sq ft. apartment typically costs around $500 for a complete mold inspection. EZ Plumbing and restoration offers very affordable rates for mold inspection in California. Contact our offices for scheduling an appointment.  


Similar to the expenses this one also depends on the type and size. On normal days it should not take a long time for a mold inspection. If it is taking so, this is more to do with the quality of the mold inspector than the procedure itself. It will mostly take two hours for inspection and 48 hours for lab reports.  EZ Plumbing and restoration provides very detailed reports for a mold inspection. 

Is air testing good enough?

In order to determine how mold has impacted the air quality, air sampling is a typical good practice. However, air samples can be influenced by a wide range of things throughout the course of a single day. It is a good thing that, air sampling is not the only way to determine whether a property is infested with mold. Experts use a couple of other techniques for inspecting molds. 

Should I get it or not? 

A mold inspection is always better because if left untreated molds can even grow to damage the structural integrity of your property. Mold inspection and other plumbing inspection before buying a new house is a lot. Therefore, if you are selling your property run a mold inspection yourself and get rid of that so that you can charge the right amount for your property.  

How to get in touch with the right people

Always try getting the best plumbing firm you know for a mold inspection. A bad firm can be identified through 3 things. They are: 

  • Lack of credentials
  • Lack of experience
  • Exorbitant prices 

A narrow scope of services

Avoid these features in a company always go for companies that provide one-stop solutions. Since you are looking for the best Mold inspection in orange county, you can hire EZ Plumbing and restoration for a swift and affordable inspection. We are available 24/7 all days of the week. Top Mold removal in San Diego, Orange County, or anywhere else in California is just a call away. 

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