bank alert customer do not share otp

Every bank including SBI, ICICI, HDFC alerts customers, do not provide OTP and PIN number if phone calls for EMI payment

Banks have alerted consumers about the fraudsters taking advantage of the relief offered in EMI. Banks have warned consumers to avoid sharing private details like OTP and PIN to strangers. Axis Bank, State Bank of India and many other banks have been warning customers for the past several days by sending SMS and e-mail to their customers. He told consumers about this new way of cheating, that fraudsters and cybercriminals resort to fraud and deceive people in the lockdown period to get banking details.

Axis Bank sent e-mails to customers

In an e-mail sent to customers by Axis Bank, the fraudsters have adopted a new method of fraud to obtain bank information. This rogue EMI can ask for OTP on mobile as well as CVV, password and PIN etc. by talking about postpone payment. Therefore, avoid sharing this information. If you say this information then your bank account can be cleared in a minute.

SBI tweeted and alerted

State Bank of India tweeted, “Cyber fraud and in new ways are deceiving people.” Be aware and aware of this. The bank said that in this system customers get calls and they are asked to provide OTP to postpone EMI payments. As soon as you tell OTP that money is withdrawn from your account immediately.

Various banks have allowed customers to repay loan installments for three months to protect people from a cash crunch crisis following an outbreak of the Corona virus. Earlier, State Bank of India had also warned consumers about fraud when contributing to PM-Kers Fund.

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