App like Gojek in Cambodia

How to Earn Money and Success with an App like Gojek in Cambodia

The multi-service mobile app industry has huge potential to make money. The real question that arises is “how to make money with an App Like Gojek in Cambodia?” What are some effective strategies for using this app to earn money and advance quickly? In this blog, we will find answers to all these questions.

Earning more money and becoming successful is one of the many benefits of launching this Gojek-like app, but what other perks does an entrepreneur savor? By developing and launching this on-demand multi-service business, you’ll be able to:

  • Offer your customers a single app where they can book 101+ services.
  • Become #1 in the on-demand service industry.
  • Capture a bigger audience with a single platform.
  • Tap into multiple industries like beauty, wellness, healthcare, fitness, handyman, etc.

Make Money Quickly with Gojek-like App

Let’s learn how to monetize with this multi-service app!

Before launching an app like Gojek in Cambodia, you will have to choose one of the two profit-centric business models. The models include profit-earning with commissions per service and Membership Subscription Plans.

Choosing this business model will define how the entrepreneur wants to make money on every service that gets rendering through the app.

Commission-based Model

Think about earning a good sum of money on every single service that is booking through the app. From taxi rides to car wash services, parcel deliveries, food orders, etc., you can make money on every single service booking through the app.

Earning commission is one of the best money-making methods for entrepreneurs wanting to earn huge profits within the shortest time possible. Do you know what’s the best part about this business model? You as the app admin will be able to decide the Commission Rates for every service that is rendering through the app.

Membership Subscription Plans

If you choose to integrate a subscription plan-based business model in an app like Gojek, you will make money on every plan purchase, renewal, and upgrade.

Depending on the requirement of the provider, they will choose one of the many plans curated by the entrepreneur. Each and every plan has a different set of features, price, and time-validity, say, weekly, 1-month, 3-month, Annual, etc.

This works nothing like commission-based. However, you will make money whenever the provider purchases it, renews the plan before/after expiry, or upgrades to a bigger plan!

You Monetize With This App in 3 Different Ways (Besides Profits)!  

The app will help you make profits and like the cherry on top, there are three different ways and you will earn additional cash as well. How? See below:

Earn Commission on Surcharge

When you launch an app like Gojek in Cambodia, you get to earn more than just your profits! You will be earning a commission on every surcharge levied.

Third-party Facebook/Google Ads

The app owner can also integrate third-party Facebook and Google Ads on the home screen of the app.

Here, you will earn a pre-decided amount for every single click that the ad gets via your app. This is call the pay-per-click method!

Here, the third party pays the amount to Google/Facebook, and then the money for every click is paying by them to the app owner. In simple terms, Facebook/Google will pay you for those ad clicks on behalf of the third party!

Earn Commission on Cancellation 

As the owner of an app like Gojek, you will make commissions on cancellation fees collected from the customers. These cancellation fees are charge if the customer cancels the service booking right before the provider is about to arrive at the location!

For example, $20 is charge for ride cancellation. Now, you will earn $2 when the commission rate is 10% whereas the remaining $18 will be credit to the provider’s bank account or the in-app wallet balance!

In Conclusion:

Once you start raking in millions in profits, customers and industry leaders will start recognizing your name!

And in no time, you will become rich and successful just by launching the Gojek Clone App in Cambodia!  Want to purchase the clone app right away? Get in touch with the sales experts at app development company.

Take the demo app trial ASAP!

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