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Advance Your Business Game with the All-New Gojek Clone Script in Malaysia

Entrepreneurs who stay on top of the News in search of a Business Opportunity to swiftly scoop into the On-Demand Multi-Service Industry; know how Powerful Gojek like App is!

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Customers are picky about their needs and want, but as an App Owner, you have to present them with a Whole Decorated Bouquet of Services in Malaysia.  On an App like Gojek, you can offer 70+ On-Demand Services, but a couple of popular Services in the Market are:

  • Taxi/Moto Ride
  • Car/Moto Rental
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery
  • Car Wash
  • Beauty Services


Make that Extravagant Red Carpet entry into On-Demand Multi-Service Industry by launching your latest Gojek Clone App of the year – KingX 2022!

All the Tech-Advanced Features enlisted here will be available with the new KingX 2022!


Mr. & Mrs. Smith with their 2 Children are shifting to their New, Fully-Furnished 4 room Apartment in Dallas. Their Apartment has an Open-Plan House Design and is Spacious enough for their growing family. However, they wanted to get a Home Cleaning Service done before they move in. Since they are new in the city; they don’t know any of the best Service Providers near them. So, Mr. Smith opens the App like Gojek and posts the Job Details for nearby Service Providers to bid for it.

  • Service Location: 630 S Llewellyn Ave, Dallas
  • Service Required: Home-Cleaning
  • Budget: US$500
  • Specific Service Requirements: Deep dust cleaning, Vacuuming, Cobweb Removal, Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning
  • Preferred Date and Time: January 5th, 11:00 ET  

The Service request is sent to all the Home Cleaning Service Providers near their Residential Address. After 3 hours of waiting, Mr. Smith got an In-App Push Notification that 2 Home Cleaning Services are interested in doing their job, but at a Higher Paycheck! Both the Service Providers sent their Quotations, and after much Profile Assessment and Negotiation, Mr. Smith closed the deal with W&W Brothers Home Cleaning at US$620.

Video Consultation

Mrs. Smith is concerned about her acne marks and wants to consult a Dermatologist. As she has recently moved to Dallas with her family; she is reluctant to visit the skin specialist without proper consultation. Mr. Smith gave him the idea to book a Video Consultation with a 5-Star Rated Dermatologist from the Gojek Clone App.

So, she went on the App, registered easily on it using her Facebook Account. Under the Service Icon of ‘Doctors’, numerous categories appeared, and from the list, she tapped on Dermatologist. The screen that popped up next enlisted two nearby Dermatologists. She went ahead and compared both of their Profiles, Ratings, and Reviews. Mrs. Smith Booked a Video Consultation with Doctor Charlotte Brown at 17:00 ET on the same day. At 16:55 ET, the Doctor sent a Message to her via the In-App Chat asking whether they can proceed with the Video Consultation. 

Well, they went ahead and the Session went on for 60 minutes. And after the Session, Mrs. Smith’s Credit Card was debited with the Consultation Fee of US$250.

These latest features come with the purchase of the Gojek Clone – KingX 2022!

Corona-Specific Features

Some Covid-19 Specific Features are already integrated into the App to make your life more enhanced than ever.

  • Taxi Driver’s Face Mask Verification before they can Start a Ride.
  • Confirmation of Safety Checklist by both Rider and the Taxi Driver before Requesting or Accepting the Ride.
  • The Riders can give the Drivers a Safety Rating and a Review specifying if they were wearing a Face Mask or not, was the Taxi Clean, etc.
  • Cancellation of Taxi Ride if either of the party, i.e., the Rider or the Taxi Driver violates the WHO Specified Covid-19 Safety Guidelines.


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