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A Consolidated Write-up On Kick-starting Your Freelance Business

Hey! Have you been noticing the demand for freelancing jobs these days? Then without taking any pause, step into the freelancer marketplace with an app like Fiverr. Let us see how you can develop a supreme freelance app in a short while.

Fiverr clone – An efficient freelance app solution

The freelance marketplace is getting jam-packed these days. To help business entrepreneurs who want to set up their own freelance marketplace, the Fiverr clone has been developed. This clone app solution will be a highly efficient one for your business. How? The Fiverr clone app is a pre-developed application. This pre-developed freelance app is very well customizable. Since this freelance app solution is customizable and pre-built, it is absolutely an efficient one.

Well, before you start off this business, you must find out how every stakeholder gets benefited from the freelance marketplace. Let us discuss every benefit for stakeholders entering the freelance marketplace.

Freelance marketplace – Strong points for companies 

Hiring freelancers is efficient for companies in terms of salaries and other policies. Even giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft hire freelancers and accomplish their jobs. 

  • For companies, hiring freelancers are cost-effective to a greater degree.
  • Unlike their full-time employees, companies don’t have to provide benefits that are in addition to their salaries.
  • Through freelance sites, they can get exposed to a disparate range of candidates.

Therefore, companies can simultaneously tuck in advantages like cost-efficiency, exposure to talents worldwide, etc.

Freelance marketplace – Strong points for freelancers

In 2020, around 34% of people were carrying out freelance jobs amidst the pandemic. Let us look at the strong points that attract freelancers to take up freelance jobs.

  • Freedom to take up jobs that tickles their interests.
  • No 9 to 5 job routine. They get the advantage of working flexible hours.
  • They can work from home or any place in the world.
  • Exposure to global opportunities.

Business models in the freelance marketplace

  • Global marketplace model

If you want to connect freelancers and companies across the globe, then employ the global marketplace model. Any freelancer from any corner of the globe can utilize your platform to get a job. Similarly, companies from anywhere in the world can source freelancers worldwide easily. 

Fiverr, Upwork, and Peopleperhour are some of the examples of global marketplace apps.

  • Local marketplace model

Generally, there are individual recruiters or companies that look for freelancers within their country. For instance, assume that company A is based out of the US. This company wants to hire content writers. In this case, they will prefer native speakers in comparison to others. Hence, there is a language barrier between the company and the freelancers. 

So, whether you choose the local or global marketplace model is in the hands of your target customers.

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  • Niche marketplace model

99designs, Scripted, etc., are examples of freelance apps that will come under the niche marketplace. Niche is about concentrating on a specific job category. For example, Scripted is a platform exclusively for copywriters and content writers. Whereas 99designs is an exclusive platform for graphic designers.

  • Generic marketplace model

A consolidated model of local, global, and niche marketplace models is the generic model. Freelancer is an absolute example of a generic platform that houses global, local, and niche jobs. 

Fiverr like app and its features

An interactive app setup will boost your freelance app’s engagement rate. For that, your app must host useful and engaging features. Let us look at them!

  • Sign-up

Freelancers and hiring companies will start using your app after signing up. Apps like Fiverr have the social media sign-up feature. It is a wise idea to add the social media sign-up feature to the freelance app you develop. Therefore, using this social media sign-up, users can literally save time.

  • Verification

Once they sign-up, they will start uploading their details. You will verify them and,post verification, approve the genuine profiles.

  • Payment gateways

Secure the payments of users by integrating reputed and trusted payment gateways.

  • Messenger

Your app must facilitate seamless communication for users. The in-app messenger feature is a prime one for establishing communication.

  • Notifications

Users shouldn’t miss out on any of the information from your app. Send them any type of information via the notifications feature.

Notable sources of revenue from freelance business

  • Commission charges

Freelance apps will link multiple companies and freelancers. Commission fees have to be imposed on companies if they hire freelancers from your platform. Likewise, a percentage of the payment will be cut down from freelancers.

  • Initial deposit

There are freelance websites where recruiters will deposit a sum of money on the platform. Of course, the amount deposited will be refundable.

  • Promote profiles

Not all freelancers will be able to get jobs as every freelance marketplace is competitive. So, they need to highlight their profiles to get traction from recruiters. Users who want to highlight their profiles will pay for promotion.

  • Subscription

Subscription plans are framed for recruiters. Generally, there are three subscription plans in existence. They are basic, business, and enterprise plans. The accessibility to different in-app features and profiles will vary depending on the subscription plan opted for by recruiters.

Finishing lines

Before wrapping up, there is a point to highlight. Never overlook the features to be added to your app. In today’s times, each business marketplace is competitive. So, you need some uniqueness in your business to thrive. Therefore, focus more on your app’s features and of course, your value propositions. All the very best! 

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