8 Brilliant Hacks for House Shifting With Your Kids In A Picture-perfect Way

8 Brilliant Hacks for House Shifting With Your Kids In A Picture-perfect Way

Shifting your house is a nerve-racking and protracted activity even in the best of times. But house shifting with your kids is a prodigious task, to be honest. Yet if you are brooding over the thought of moving with your kids, this article will be useful to you. I have got you the 8 brilliant hacks to shift your house with your kids in a picture-perfect way. Read the following pointers to know them:

1. Discuss with the kids

When you plan to move house, you should let your kids know about it as well. As you feed them their lunch or dinner, bring up this topic to discuss the house shifting with your kids. You may think that is a ridiculous suggestion, but children understand and reciprocate the changes in their lives. As you reveal about the move, they may not take the incident very positively or they may not react to it at all. But letting them know about the house shifting will not make them shocked as the day of the move approaches.

2. Pack the non-essentials first

As you prepare for the move, start packing the non-essentials in a box. You kid must be having a lot of toys that he doesn’t play with that often. Stack them up in a packing box. Pack the off-seasonal clothes and blankets, and beddings in other boxes. If you have a guest bedroom, pack the items from that room in boxes. Don’t pack those things that you will need for yourself and your kid till the moving day.

3. Pack the kid’s essentials

There are a lot of things that are essential for your kid. You should keep them separately in a big-sized packing box and don’t seal it with packing tape till the last day. Making this box will help you locate all the absolute essentials for your kid even if your house is in a messy condition due to the house-shifting chores.

Some of the essentials that you should not forget to box aside are a few sets of clothes, diapers, and wipes (if your kid is of 3 years or less), most favourite toys, baby formula, cereals, snacks, or juice powder, sippers, bottles, pacifiers, baby soap, shampoo, oil, and powder, kid’s blanket, baby medications and thermometer, and waste disposal bags.

4. Make the move sound like an amusing activity

When you disclose about the house shifting to your kids, you should be creative. Make the move sound like an amusing activity. Talk in an optimistic and excited tone. This will create a sense of positive excitement in your child as well. You can further make things easy and creative by telling them a story about the move. For that, you can refer to the various children’s books on moving available online. You can also make up a thrilling story of your own on how moving made a farmer boy become a king of a kingdom. Stories inspire children the most and such a tell-tale can be fruitful in triggering amusing aspirations in your kid.

5. Make a moving day goody bag

This is an interesting and important hack to keep your kid engrossed on the moving day. You need to devote yourself to the house shifting chores on the moving day, even if you hire professional packers and movers Pune to Chennai. You can either call for a babysitter to look after your kid on the moving day. If you are unable to find a babysitter, you can opt for a crèche for a single day. Again, if you are not able to arrange for a crèche, you should apply this trick; making a moving day goody bag.

Pack all the favourite articles that interest your child in a particular bag. Pack things like his favourite stuffed toy, his LEGO toys, his preferred storybook, a box of snacks, chocolates, candies, juices, etc. Steal these things from him by telling him that you will give him access to these things on a moving day and not before that. Your kid will wait for the moving day to arrive so that he can get his favourite things in the goody bag.

6. Don’t disrupt their daily routine

When you are preparing for the house shifting before the moving day, don’t disrupt the daily routine of your kids. Maintain strict timings for their meals, nap, and outdoor playtime, watching TV, playing screen games, art, and craft, and reading story books. If your child has a fixed routine, you will be able to carry out the shifting chores during their afternoon nap time and playtime. Again, remember that kids with proper body clocks develop better brain functions and motor skills. 

7. Pack the hazardous things separately

While you pack the belongings for your move by yourself or through the professional packers and movers Pune to Noida, make sure that the hazardous items are packed well and separate from the other belongings. They should be kept away from the reach of the kids. Some of the hazardous objects are sharp tools like scissors, knives, blades, peelers, etc., and cleaning supplies like toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, etc.

8. Child-proof the new house

Before you move into the new house, make sure that the new house is child-proof. Keep all the sharp objects in the drawer with locks. Keep the cleaning supplies like detergent, bleaching powder, acid, toilet cleaner, phenyl, floor cleaner, etc. in a cabinet with doors that can be locked. Install safety gates in the staircases. Make sure the windows have window guards. Keep the doors of the bathroom latched after use. Ensure that the electrical wiring at home has a casing or is completely concealed.

Keep the medicines in locked wardrobes. When you have kids at home, you have to keep them safe from getting into dangerous scenarios. Kids have this habit of putting everything in their mouth so keep marbles, safety pins, ball pins, and other small objects away from them. 

The Completion

No wonder, shifting house from one place to another along with your kids is such a highly structured and difficult task to accomplish. Yet if you are looking forward to doing the same then follow the above-mentioned 8 brilliant hacks to shift your house with kids in a picture-perfect way. I wish you have a wonderful move with your kids!

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