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7 Best Client Database & Customer Database Software 2021

That time is long gone where you had to keep every one of your contacts on a business card and all of your customer documents in arranged envelopes. Presently, database programs get that work from you and offer a more simple, more accessible approach to store significant names, locations, and other company info.  

Customer Database software is the platelets of your business. Client information management can help you sort, search, and select customers that you have had past contact. Databases can likewise help you gather and follow up on leads. How you deal with your customers and contacts will effectively affect the achievement of your business.

Here we have talked about the most popular Company Global Database websites and tools for your help: 


Being a database tool it has the adaptability of a spreadsheet. It comes up with different features, such as – real-time collaboration tools, snapshot history, updating the batch record, integrating apps. Airtable procured a decent score during our assessment yet lost focuses for limits on significant highlights like automated updates and detailed dashboards. The paid version starts with plus and pro packages. 


HubSpot is a CRM that upholds endless customers on its eternity free service plan. Strong contact management tools joined with service, deals, and marketing parts balance the bundle of highlights that make this arrangement so incredible for sales experts. 

In any case, HubSpot lost a couple of points for its restricted phone updates and costly updates. You will have to pay $50 for every sales and marketing add-ons. 

Freshworks CRM

This software acquired the top score on our rundown for its cheap services, quality features, fast updates, and dependable client service. its features incorporate infinite records, document storage, and integration of apps. Freshworks CRM offers a scope of service plans for each financial plan, including a complimentary plan for unlimited users. 

It has four price range options: Free which allows unlimited users, the growth plan that allows $29 per user monthly, the Pro plan that offers $69 per user, then the enterprise plan starts at $125 per user monthly. 

MailShake CRM 

MailShake CRM is an outstanding advanced tool that can dramatically speed up your effort. It is mainly a cold email CRM tool that assists organizations of various sizes with lead generation, content marketing, building links and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

This tool is beneficial for your sales outreach and marketing staff as it automates your cold email marketing efforts. Thus, saving your staff time. 


In order to create personalised project boards, monday has more than 20 modules which makes it a top global database software. The multiple features of this software include email integration, advanced search options, cloud-based technology, and customised tags. This is the top priority of those teams that need several ways to show data as per their required workflows. It has 4 price options: Basic, Standard, Pro and Free Trial. The basic plan starts with $7 per user, monthly, the standards begin with $10 per user monthly and pro is $16 per user monthly. 


Shopify is a retail location framework that likewise makes a phenomenal client database because of a scope of highlights that incorporate client management devices, reports, and limitless document storage. 

The Shopify attached with Monday for the fifth spot, however, an absence of group collaboration tools and schedule incorporations takes away this too a few points. It comes with a free trial period of 14 days and then its basic plan and Shopify plan starts at $29 month and $79 monthly. 

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Bitrix24 is a database software with complete CRM accompanying automation tools to handle the sales pipeline, assignments, email campaigns, plans, and other things. It involves record management, sales and marketing intelligence tools. 

While Bitrix24 is a powerful CRM, it lost points for its interface, which clients say could be more instinctive. The pricing of Bitrix24 is a little different, the plan includes, Start Plan, CRM+ Plan, Project+ Plan, Standard Plan, Professional plan. It also comes with a 14 day free trial period. 


Database software and related kinds of CRM must incorporate features to make company global database search easy, accessible, available, editable, and simple to import. It must incorporate business applications and email marketing services. Database software should offer highlights that are reasonable, simple to utilize, and upheld by dependable customer care.

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