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5 Nag tibba trekking reasons

The majority of young people love the trekking experience. Even older generations want to go on a walk. Many people make the mistake of taking tough ways, even though it’s their first time to walk. However, you should understand that your Trek experience will be the best for beginners if you have researched to find the right place for yourself. Today we are going to talk about the Nag Tibba, the ideal place for beginners.

Nag tibba is a reasonable landscape but offers a magnificent and marvelous outlook. Nag tibba is a high peak northwest of Mussoorie. The climate is cold throughout the journey while, after the season, the temperature can drop below -10.

In Garhwal, the Himalayas, it is the highest peak in the Nag tibba. The top of the summit offers a great view of gigantic mountains covered by snow.

The view covers the Dhauladhar range westwards to the east of the Nanda Devi range. For the Goat village, Nag tibba is also known. It’s known as the goat city, as it involves goat farming and different agro practices to provide the local people with a livelihood.

The Nag Tibba walk begins in Pantwari village via Mussoorie hill station. A lot of charming towns surround Pantwari, such as the village of Bandsari, Kori and many more. The walk goes down to the Devalsari and Thatyur villages from here. The distance from Pantwari to the top of Nag Tibba is eight kilometers. Trekkers will go across ancient forests full of wildlife of deodar and oaks. It’s a trek that is a dear life memory for adrenaline lovers and more peaceful nature-loving walkers alike.

Here are 5 reasons for Nag tibba trekking:

  1. Easy ground – the road is a straightforward one, which doesn’t allow you to diligently reach the top. When we arrive in the town of Pantwari in the lower part of Garhwal, the beginning of this journey, we will not find steep paths to climb up to the summit. The route is smooth, making it an ideal tour for amateurs.
  1. Short trekking is an enjoyable meeting when managed without reaching the end. In a single day or two, Nag Tibba Trek may be completed. This is the best place for you if you arrange a weekend journey at that point. This short trip gives you a whole trek experience and is worth a penny. From Dehradun to Pantwari, you should start your tour. Start your journey from Pantwari and enjoy the wonderful sights right in front of you, while you look at the Nag Tibba temple.
  1. An exciting trek—This journey brings you a lot of wonders. You will immediately watch the snowfalls and stunning views over the snow-covered mountains from the wild, lavish, green, and beautiful scenery. The Nag Tibba Trek is a perfect area for everyone! The measure of splendor you’ll be amazed at this spot.
  1. Can you also visit the Mussoorie Hill Station – Enjoy your approach to Nag Tibba at the beautiful Mussoorie Hill Station. Mussoorie is a famous tourist resort at the foot of the Himalayan Ranges of Garhwal. The Queen Of The Hills is also referred to as Mussoorie. In addition, before going on a trip to Tibba, you can spend some time and time in Mussoorie facing an intimate atmosphere and views of the place.
  1. The final view- The highlight of every walk is the summit. You are doing all you can to make it up the hill to lose any sense of direction and just look from the pinnacle at the breathtaking view. It’s probably the best feeling in the world if you’re on the hilltop for one day away from all your everyday stress and activities, only to enjoy the moment. Get out of our monotonous and boring lives and enjoy the moment for once. Furthermore, you won’t need excess preparedness in advance, because the trek is small and you won’t need to practice much to get to the awe-inspiring view.

The connectivity on the road is another explanation that makes this journey awesome. There are cities near this point of travel. If you’re a native person and feel you can’t keep climbing, you can certainly go back to the city or whether or not you feel that some sort of clinical problem is going to help you quickly

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